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Baap ka raj

Farooq Abdulla did what he is best at – behaved like a buffoon. Son Omar was sworn in as Chief Minister and he started humming, “Papa kehte hai bada naam karega, beta hamara aisa kaam karega…”

Kashmir is not a Mom&Pop enterprise, okay? Grow up.

More than a shaheed’s widow

Watching Kavita Karkare on CNN-IBN, I can only say that she deserves a gallantry award. The manner in which she has maintained her composure and dignity, and yet expressed her thoughts clearly, makes her deserving of our admiration.

I am paraphrasing some of her thoughts, a few of which were expressed in a Hindi poem she wrote where she says:

Mere pati ke shaheed hone ka mujhe gham hai, afsos nahin (The martyrdom of my husband makes me grieve not regret”)

This is courage. It is courage that despite suffering for it, she still spoke about Hindu terrorism. She spoke about how secularism should be a mandatory subject in schools from Class 1. She spoke about better facilities for the police. She spoke about how not for a moment did she have doubts about what her husband, ATS chief Hemant Karkare, stood for. She spoke about how questions ran through her mind about the three senior officers being together at one place at one time. She did not flinch at any moment. This is courage.

She also quoted her daughter who said that Kasab must be given an opportunity to reform his ideas. I must admit I was taken aback. Now, as I type this, I think she should have rephrased it. Kasab is in custody; it is a high-powered case, for whatever reasons. Instead, she could have mentioned that terrorists should be given an opportunity to rethink. For, it is not the life of one officer, but several people.

I know she means well. It is obvious from every action of hers.

It is most obvious when she refuses to go along with the “anger” proponents; she stated clearly that taking out rallies is not going to help and would like changes within and she is optimistic that these will happen.

I hope she can continue as she has. Thus far, she has retained her integrity and individuality. The lurking fear is that it does not take long for politicians and activists to use her. I’d hate to see her being made into some sort of totem by those who have their own agendas.

Silence of the wolves

I have rarely noticed such silence over what is among the worst genocides taking place right before us. Israel has no intention of stopping and the world will not do a thing about it.

This is from The New York Times report:

Phones in Gaza homes rang repeatedly with recorded Israeli military messages saying, “We are getting rid of Hamas.” That goes beyond the stated goals of Israel’s top leaders, who have emphasized that the operation is intended to stop Hamas from firing rockets into Israel.

The ‘Hamas rockets made us do it’ is the lamest excuse. One quarter of those killed are civilians; the blockades are affecting civilians. And they are not firing rockets. The NYT refers to the “Islamist rulers of Gaza”. When will it start calling the Israelis Zionist aggressors?


  1. FV:

    Mrs. Karkare needs all the praise she deserves. Kudos to you for highlighting it.

  2. Another point that people often forget is that Mr . Karkare needs to acknowledged for the choices he made in life. he could have chosen to be an IAS and spent the rest of life counting "Upar kee Kamai" or done an IIM and help run a american bank in India ....he chose the uniform which is a thankless job. He deserves one more Salute for it.

  3. Mr Karkare needs to be really appreciated for how he made the supreme sacridice. Mrs arkare also comes across as an epitome of courage and equanimity.

    People do criticize the "anger" marches, btu except protest vocally or through our writings, there is very little we can do.

  4. Think they can see the revenge from there?


  5. ,this genocide is another cruel reality among other ugly realities on this Earth's face to give it another bloody stain.

    Some humans are butchering other humans for No reason, absolutely No reason ,BUT, to quench their Blood thirst by thriving upon innocent humans blood.

    Some Humans are being butchered by some hounds and vultures to rejuvenate their aggressive, vicious, savage and beasty souls.

    Now, in this blood shed, some humans are just quietly watching their fellow humans being butchered at the hands of civil, sophisticated, cultured, educated. prosperous and developed Super Humans who are just testing their war abilities and their army competence by doing these exercises against poor, helpless, innocent, suppressed, weak and crushed beings by giving it the name of a war.....LOL

    War is defined to be among two rivals of equal abilities.
    This is extermination of some humans from the face of this planet again for No reason.......

    This is genocide , an absolute genocide....

    I believe all humans are from the same genealogical tree,if these human hounds are exterminating their own human progeny.....then what will they get? except for more blood shed.....


  6. When Humans butcher animals? what is the root cause?

    Yes, they want to eat their flesh to thrive upon their meat.

    yes, the root cause for butchering these kids and women is just to thrive on their fresh blood and flesh....because, these hounds want to quench their hunger and their thirst............

    This is animal world with law of jungle.....where powerful victimize powerless......and eat them alive....

  7. PS:

    She deserves much more and will get it because truly genuine people are also behind her.


    I would salute the individual and her/his integrity always in any profession. The police force too does offer 'upar ke' incentives.


    The 'anger' marches work as at best collective catharsis and as I pointed out elsewhere they are selective in their anger and concern. Besides, they make demons out of already demonised groups.


    I cannot see the revenge because I cannot access flikr nor can I flicker...still...


    Animals kill only when hungry and not to feed their ego. You are right that it is to test the abilities of the armies. Might is such an insecure little thing!

  8. No one cares if a Muslim is killed. Do you see any reason, why Pakistan has become like this?.


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