Tum...pukar lo...

Sometimes it is a line; sometimes the holding back of a line…taken over by a rhythm like a pulse beat.

I can think of several songs, and I know it is a cheesy thing to do today, but I feel like it. Perhaps I have already shared the words in bits and pieces. Perhaps, I have bared many words in bits and pieces.

There are several faces and phases of love.

Here are two subtle ones…

The beginning of the first one is both profound and playful, “Pyaar par bas to nahin hai mera lekin phir bhi tu bataa de ke tujhe pyaar karoon ya na karoon” (I have no control over my love, even so you tell me whether I ought to love you or not.)

And the lines that grab me:

poochh kar apni nigaahon se bataa de mujhko
meri raaton ke muqaddar mein sehar hai ke nahin

(Ask your eyes and then tell me

If my nights are destined to see the dawn or not)

Pyaar par bas to nahin hai mera lekin phir bhi

* Movie: Sone Ki Chidiya

* Singer(s): Asha Bhonsle, Talat Mehmood

* Music Director: O P Nayyar

* Lyricist: Sahir Ludhianvi

* Actors/Actresses: Talat Mehmood, Nutan, Balraj Sahni

* Year: 1958

- - -

A beautiful aspect of this one are the visuals of long shadows, curtains, light falling and creating patterns. The woman can only hear his voice and in that there is stillness as she enters the house and moves towards the stairs, framed at one point climbing them – there is a tantalising building up of expectation that may never see fruition, as though moving willingly towards imprisonment. Even when she first sees him in the course of the song, only his back is visible. How much we suppress…

For those acquainted with Hindi literature she is carrying a copy of Kalidasa’s Meghdoot (The Cloud Messenger). So much darkness with promise of rain…

As I have said often. I don’t think anything can surpass this simple expression:

dil bahal to jaayega is khayaal se
haal mil gayaa tumhara apne haal se

(The heart will be sated with the thought

That I know how you feel because of how I feel)

Tum pukar lo

* Movie: Khamoshi

* Singer: Hemant Kumar

* Music Director: Hemant Kumar

* Lyricist: Gulzar

* Actors/Actresses: Waheeda Rehman, Dharmendra, Rajesh Khanna

* Year: 1969


  1. fv
    Happy Valentine's day!
    I dunno you believe in V-day or not?

    If you do, then good.
    If you don't, then good.

    Both ways good, because everyone is good unless otherwise proved not to be good.

  2. FV:

    dil bahal to jaayega is khayaal se
    haal mil gayaa tumhara apne haal se

    Thanks for sharing this. I could send it to my wife. Surprisingly, the english translation appealed more to me.

  3. I don't understand hindi well but liked the second song more because of your desciption.Nice to see your romantic soft side sometimes that you hide!!

  4. Circle:

    I believe in everything that makes me feel good...don't know whether that would make me good or not...

    But belated greetings to you too.


    A sweet thought which am sure would have been well-received. I did not do a literal translation because I did not know how to!


    Isn't the hidden more potent? Am glad you liked the song.


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