When Kalyan Singh cries

Former UP CM Kalyan Singh took “moral responsibility” for the Babri mosque demolition in 1992. He claimed Muslims do not see him as anti-minority, as he had never discriminated against them during his tenure.

“Letters and phone calls are coming in hordes not just from Hindus but also from Muslims who have hailed my decision to quit the BJP and also the coming together of two politicians (him and Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav),” he said.

This is worse than Uma Bharti’s here now, there then stand. By taking moral responsibility, he is only playing politics. Uttar Pradesh is a huge arena and this move can be hugely decisive, not because Kalyan Singh is of any consequence, but because he is of no consequence.

He will be the soft totem who is now weeping crocodile tears over the Babri demolition (and they say I have no business to keep remembering that event) when he stood by his stand and that of the BJP all along. The Muslims of UP, if they are indeed sending him letters and calling him up to hail the decision to quit the BJP, are probably Mulayam Singh Yadav’s sycophants. Perhaps Amar Singh has fattened his pockets and gifted him one of those safari suits with big buttons.

Look forward to some other unusual alliances in the near future. It is time these politicians stopped banking on the Muslim vote. And it is time for Muslims to use their brains and vote according to what works for them in larger terms, not some sops thrown their way.

Kalyan Singh is a fraud. And the Samajwadi Party has turned out to be a gallery of rogues.

- - -

And while we are in UP, saw this picture with the caption:

A performer at a show held in Lucknow to popularise pole dancing

Why? Is pole dancing part of Lucknow culture? Did the nawaabs get nautch girls to twirl round those huge pillars in their palaces, which might explain the thunder thighs? I am not being a prude, but when we look down on mujra and even the classical form of Kathak, this is a bit strange.


  1. FV,

    There is no BJP sponsored Ram Sene in Lucknow that will play spoilsport.

    And don't forget, they have to now to set the stage for our Sanju Baba, so why not start working on the entertainment?

  2. FV:

    Kalyan Singh is a fraud. And the Samajwadi Party has turned out to be a gallery of rogues.

    And who isn't? From Rahul Gandhi to Advaniji to Behen Maywati to Comrade Karat. So why blame only these poor fellows. They are just being practical.

    Pole dancing as in latthh se nachaana That was always popular in UP -- stick wielding goons :-)

  3. Milind:

    UP is full of spoilsports the moment they feel they can strike.

    Can;t imagine Sanjay Dutt doing the pole - for get poll - dance!


    Sure, everyone is a fraud, but there are degrees...and the SP guys are the pits.

    Thanks for the tutorial on pole dancing. I guess I am wrong then...in Kerala they have the Mallakambh form too...

  4. fv
    Mujara I believe is sorts of dancing with certain class, particular mannerisms and reflective of certain cultural finesse and refinements.

    On the other end pole dancing is just a trashy and ugly form of a weired act which is meant to be for uncultured, uncouth and uncivilized trashy groups of subhumans.

    And that is also reflection of certain cultural aspects of western society....


  5. Circle:

    Contemporary mujra is not all that classy, esp those patronised by the spoilt brats in farm houses.

    I just found the idea of popularising pole dancing in Lucknow a bit off...


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