Advani sells himself to Pakistan

A Pakistani website is a rather unusual place to find an advertisement of BJP leader L K Advani campaigning for the forthcoming Lok Sabha polls. But there he is in the online edition of Dawn, Pakistan’s premier English newspaper, with the slogan: ‘Advani for PM’.

Good show. Wonder why. Here some of us end up writing for Pakistani papers and there is a hue and cry and this man hawks himself in a newspaper started by Mohammed Ali Jinnah. Are Pakistanis going to vote for him? Does he imagine that Indian Muslims will be impressed? What is the smart idea?

And why does the newspaper publish this ad? Does it have no ethical bone in its body? You publish reports where you say that Kasab is a Pakistani, so should that country promote our leaders and get into a tangle? What is going on? Who is Dawn to sell the idea of who the Indian PM should be?

Is this a paid ad? Were regular charges applied? Are there no standards applied to advertising?

And does Mr. Advani not have any moral qualms about this? If Pakistan is sponsoring terrorism, then how dare he use their largest selling English daily as a forum for his political ambitions?

This is shameless behaviour.


  1. Ma'am:

    You are lucky that you have not activated google adsense. Else, you'd also have to suffer the ignominy of having that old, balding Chacha Chaudhary look-alike being sold through your website. So many bloggers had to put up posts saying that these are automatic ads and we don't support him.

    As far as Pakistan and Jinnah are concerned, why do you forget that Mr. Advani was born in Pakistan and he gave Jinnah the certificate of being the biggest secular in the sub-continent?

    Aakhir janm-sthaan bhi to koi chhez hoti hai. Ram ke janm sthaan ke liye Advaniji ne kitno masoomon ko marva diya, toh yeh ek choti si baat hai.

  2. I know you would not like this new about the peacful muslims but thought I wd hold a mirror to you people:


    As for the ad,Neither Advani nor anybody else control how google publishes ads.

  3. PS:

    Even if this is Google ad sense, the sheer sensitive nature of the ad and its positioning ought to make both the parties concerned object. 'Dawn' is not just another web portal; surely, it can protest. So must Advani.

    This just looks ridiculous. I read the report in an Indian newspaper and there was no reference to Google ads.

    Yes, of course, without really shelling out anything, Advani may be making a 'secular' point in a most unlikely place!


    Re. Point #1, it has no relevance to the subject of the post.

    Re. Point # 2, it has been answered in the reply above.

  4. are you retarded? ads are purchased through syndication services like adsense. they display ads based on keywords.

    nice effort at hiding your own sympathies for pakistan and the jihadis....but no dice..

  5. Haww....drone on...

  6. Mrityunjay Tripathi05/03/2009, 19:10

    Please wake up,
    You all know that Pakistanis cannot vote for Mr. Advani, so you BJP-haters should not worry. Secondly this site is also visited by a lot of Indians like me who have interest in Pakistani culture. I dont know how young techno-savvy generation can be so narrow-minded.And I request all to read this newspaper. It's a very progresive newspaper.


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