Why can't Emraan Hashmi get a house?
Why do Muslims have to recite the bhojan mantra?

Emraan Hashmi has been denied a flat in Pali Hill because he is a Muslim. We have gone through this before, and I mean before the Shabana Azmi tamasha. Why do I call the latter a tamasha and not what is happening to Hashmi, who I know little about? Because he has filed a complaint with the State Minorities Commission (SMC), demanding action against the society members.

Now, this is a real case with details. It is an old building, Nibbana Cooperative Society, and at least in the past many actors lived there. The seller of the apartment has no problem; he is a Hindu. The broker is a Hindu. What shocked me was what the secretary, a certain J P Chetry, said:

We know all Muslims are not terrorists.

Oh, sure. No one asked or brought this up. The talk was about discrimination based on faith; it could have been based on gender or profession. This has to stop. I do not want to repeat my own example. But here is another quote from a person who is clearly not a Muslim (isn’t it a shame that I have to resort to this?):

Vinod Bachchan, a broker from Juhu, said he knew of such instances in his area as well. A big star living in Bandra wanted to buy a bungalow in Juhu, but we found it difficult to get one for him as he was a Muslim, he said. There are societies which take an undertaking from non-vegetarians that they will not eat non-veg food, he added.

This is a very smart tactic. Once the building comes up, the society will permit you to do anything. Muslims will, of course, not sign any such undertaking.

I am aware there are societies and colonies where different communities choose to live – be it Parsis, Christians, Jains, Sikhs. This usually happens because certain businesses are concentrated in particular areas or because some places are deliberately bought to keep the area exclusive.

However, for those who have always lived in and wish to lead cosmopolitan lives in a city that claims to be all of this, it is a shame. I will not buy any of the reasons dished out because I have had first-hand experience mentioned before.

There will some who will term this a publicity stunt. If Hashmi wants that, he only has to announce one more kissing scene in a film.

Now, will someone come up with the argument that this is the reason they are not allotting him the flat?

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On another note:

Muslim leaders in Madhya Pradesh have decided to ignore the state governments directive to teachers to recite the bhojan mantra before meals.

The bhojan mantra is in Sanskrit and generally thanks Brahma for sustenance. It is like saying Grace or Bismillah. However, the MP government is giving it a specific identity. In the posts below we have discussed these things at length. These are not religious institutions; they are secular schools and if you feel that children and teachers should say some prayers, then let them choose their manner of thanking god for the stuff on their plates. Isn’t there any hymn that can be recited by everyone? I mean, we can thank farmers and the cooks as well…

I know this is facetious, but I don’t think any god will be appeased by these gestures. Does anyone stop believing in god because there is a drought or a famine anywhere and crops are destroyed?


  1. FV,
    Both are distinct issues ..but this is govt approved racism ...I bought an partment in Bank officers society in dwarka in delhi in 2003 ...guess what just when i was to pay the final amount..the Bank officers association jumped in and said ..w.e allow only bank officers ....or their children ....as if all bank officers had blue blood ...happens but so is reservation official racism ...why make a decison based on someone's ethic background ...if u can make a muslim the president and vice president ...why cant he get a home...
    On the Mantra ...why not allow everyone to say their own prayers...whoever the god ,,thanks for the food ...

  2. There is no gurantee that Hashmi is telling the truth.A case that has to be remembered is that of Muzammil Ibrahim(see the link below).Once that brat fell out with the equally drama loving Pooja Bhatt.Then she revealed that this guys had alleged discimination on the basis of being a muslim,whereas the fact was he was living in a muslim society.You see,these muslims are always into nautankis.This time this one could be one of the publicity stunts directed by Mahesh Bhatt,now that they do not have much to rail against the evil Hindus.Bhatt's secular party won the last election convincingly right?When Hashmi did not face any problems in MARRYING a Hindu,why wd there be a problem in buying a flat?


  3. Well, at least Imran could get a flat somewhere. I know of many places where if you were a Bhaiyya, you would not even get a look-in, forget about getting a flat. Of course, Bhaiyyas come cheap and it's not a fad to talk about their plight. Oh well, at least someone is getting attention. Btw, FV, I can tell you of some housing societies(not in Bombay) where if you were not a Muslim, you didn't stand a chance of getting a flat. Of course, it's considered ok in those places.

  4. You don't need mention Hindus rescuing Muslims.Keep on doing what you are because some people will understand.Bhojan mantra and all makes no sense,what is taught in school is more important

  5. Manish:

    There are other sorts of biases as well and I did mention gender and profession. Re. Muslim Prez and VP, those are political acts...


    He did not face a problem in marrying a Hindu because both families and both the individuals had no problem.

    Muslims are not nautankis? Good. Bollywood has some great ones.


    I do know there is other discrimination. Why would anyone want to live in a Muslim society? Already mentioned colonies for specific communtiies that exist.

    Re. bhaiyyas, their economic situation and the stand of the Shiv Sena and MNS is responsible. Amitabh Bachchan, the posh bhaiyya, has two bungalows and land he managed to get because he registered himself as a farmer!


    I agree I did end to come across as apologetic. I have stated this public display of devotion bothers me.

  6. Oops. ion my response to JJ, it is "Muslims are nautankis? Good."

  7. Farzana,
    I guess if you substituted bhaiyyas with muslims and Amitabh with SRK, it would make an interesting reading. Why wouldn't anyone want to live in a "muslim" (something I never mentioned) society. Well, why not? Especially if that society is in one of the prime areas.

  8. "I can tell you of some housing societies(not in Bombay) where if you were not a Muslim, you didn't stand a chance of getting a flat."

    How would that happen unless it was owned and peopled by Muslims.

    And I wouldn't like to stay in one that ghettoises me. And I can tell with some degree of certainty, no one else would.

    Why do you find it interesting if Bachchan is replaced by SRK and bhaiyyas with Muslims? The first lot will have some advantage because there is a lot of money riding on them...the rest do not count.


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