How holy!

I just got a box of modak. I wrote to a friend saying that these days they have fancy ones with cranberry, apricot, figs and chocolate to cater to cosmopolitan tastes, and I so want to be cosmo. They don’t look like the real thing with coconut flakes dripping grease or going squishy with steam. But, not many things look the same anymore.

Like this deity being taken for immersion.

I can imagine Ganesha telling the chauffeur, “Hawaa aane de (let the breeze come in).” Or insisting that the car have a wireless connection so that he can figure out how the poor ones are doing it and send some blessing their way while his ‘owner’ talks to Facebook friends about the awesome puja they had and the planned evening with brie on rye bread and a Chantilly. Laterz, honey, muaah, muaah…
- - -
So, the iftaar tamasha is going on strong. Don’t have to tell you what Ramzan is about, but it has to do with Islam that does not believe in idolatry. Look at this picture:

Sonia and Rahul Gandhi dominate. I am sure the minister knows that new and renewable energy does not possibly mean a change in the way the religion is practised?


  1. Things have changed. Ganpathy bappa was such an event with 10 days of festivity. I miss that. They have cranberry modaks! Tell us how they are. Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!

  2. It is nice if you don;t have ear-splitting music all day for 10 days and traffic diverted.

    The modaks are a total cop out. They are merely shaped like the sweet, there is no semblance of modakhood. eg. the fig one is just fig with pistachios. And the saffron one is like a pedha!

    Happy Ganesh Chaturti to you too...


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