Is this pride?

At the Sunday gay parade in Mumbai:

Shobha Doshi, a housewife in her 50s, stood out among the colourful wigs with a banner that read “Proud Mother of a Gay Son’’.

Proud of what? His preference for boys over girls? I would understand “Supportive Mother”. There is nothing to be proud about any kind of sexual choices except between the two people (or, ahem, more) involved in the act and the prowess they manage to display. Although that too is a bit déclassé for it stands in opposition to system failure…that is failure to perform, which can be truly traumatic.

Let us rethink this pride business. It is about achievement and talent and has nothing to do with being gay or heterosexual.

Imagine if Kasturba Gandhi had taken part in a parade to say she is a “Proud Wife of a Celibate”. Going by how these ‘movements’ are being propagated, why not?


  1. Sexuality is one's personal matter, why to advertise and to be proud of being homo or hetero or bi?

    This seems like a big joke.....

  2. Circle:

    Even if the personal is sought to be political, there is still the 'duh' factor of being proud about this...


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