Oops, I did it, did I?

Sometimes, one gets the weirdest feedback. This one does not deserve to be reproduced, but I feel like a bit of pop psychology.

"Sheesh! Just three words can describe you completely---'obsessed with sex'."

I was also called a pseudo intellectual, and I don't know whether it is due to my obsession with sex.

I don't know when it started, but the term pseudo intellectual has gained more currency than the euro.

People who are called pseudo intellectuals...Pop proponents, classical divas, liberals, secularists, mavericks, communists, old hippies, new punks, protestors, abdicators, sitting-on-their-ass-and smoking-hashers...

Funny thing is, almost all these categories of people do not give a damn about labels. And to fake intellectualism is like so duh...especially if you rock as just what you are.

This brings me to the three words that are supposed to describe me: Obsessed with sex. What I find intriguing is that someone says "sheesh" to that. It means that the person is...

a. Averse to sex
b. Thinks a lot about it
c. Guilty about thinking a lot
d. Does a lot of it and projects shame on others
e. Is obsessive about other things
f. Is afraid of women who speak their minds
g. Is afraid of women and their needs
h. Is afraid of not being able to meet those needs
i. Is afraid of himself, and so calls her names

More importantly, the person does not know me and has not read enough of my work.

Perhaps, the person just had to say something that would make me feel horrible. Sorry, I feel nothing of the kind. To me the human body and intimacy are Nature's gift to make me going...And I love gifts!

80 per cent of what I have written here or elsewhere would constitute sex, religion and politics. Even what I write about the sky or eyes or balloons would boil down to sexing them up or they can become a political statement in the larger context.

And why is only sex seen as such a huge thing to be 'open' about. Hey, religion is a bigger turn-on for many and politics, my gott, the kiss of Kissinger got that right about its power...the ultimate aphrodisiac.


  1. Ms. FV
    You are here to something. You are aware of the recent Study that Women with higher intelligence have better sex life? Thank god that you live in the land of 'Khajurao temples' where human body was celebrated. What an eloquent article?

  2. Hello Anon:

    All the intelligent women will be happy to hear this! In the land of Khajuraho temples it is only the bodies of gods and goddesses that are celebrated.

    The rest are not. Some are abused in the most heinous manner. And all the intelligent women cannot do a thing about it.

  3. Ms. FV
    It is not only the bodies of gods and goddesses that are celebrated in temples of Khajurao and many other temples built during the 'golden age of India'; the walls are peppered with others too.
    Even the intelligent women are abused. To enjoy life in all its form, education to empower intelligence in general, would liberate women and here you could be instrumental to some degree with your work.


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