Sunday ka Funda


  1. Thanks, FV. :-)

    "Our investigative reporters have found out that the chickens were lied to when they were told they were going to be watching a horror movie on Smellavision. What these innocent young chickens didn't know that it was a live show, and on the grill was their childhood friend Chick Corea from Coop 123. Will they start buttering themselves up to join their friend Chick on the grille or will they stand back and fight, and pull their friend out for a proper burial...find out tomorrow night at 8 on "Live Investigative Report" by Shorley Safer.

  2. FV
    Apart from cartoonish jokes, I really feel sad to see chickens or any animal being roosted or being slaughtered.

    This is sad, sad and sad cartoon. One life being roosted , another murder of an innocent life, another crime being unnoticed....


  3. Al:

    The news media is abuzz that Shorley Safer from Smellavision, he of the cocky manner, has been grilled by his channel for in fact arranging this sting operation to test whether Chick Correa's gay friends would out themselves. It was considered politically incorrect. As matters stand, Shorley is smiling; he has been offered a lucrative contract by the rival channel, Birds of a Feather. Stay tuned.

  4. Circle:

    I used this cartoon as a Sunday ka Funda for a universal message of how we all watch as our own are killed. It applies to the nature of how the media portrays seriosu issues.

    However, while it is sad watching animals/birds being slaughtered (I would not be able to, the fact is that not all the world is vegetarian. The only thing many of us can hope for is a less gruesome form of butchering.

  5. FV, Even humane killing is not pretty -- humane killing of cattle involves a pneumatic device aimed directly at the animal's skill to kill it instant, but it is still horrifying to see for any animal lover.

    Apologies to gentle readers here for being insensitive about the topic of killing animals. I don't relish that thought myself.

    Domestication of farm animals by humans for food has been going on for a while, and if killing an animal is inevitable due to market forces, then not killing them in a humane way is certainly cruel and must be stopped.

    Even beyond just killing domesticated animals for food, nowadays population of wild animals surrounding urban areas is explicitly controlled to stay within a specific range of numbers, so that the surrounding ecosystem can support that population.

    More competent governments than ours have a system of handing out a specific number of "hunting licenses" to the hunting public every year for a fee. This reduces the population by a very specific number each year. I wish I could say there was an alternative to all this, but I doubt there is, short of reducing human population in the long-term (so there is less competition for food and water for the rest of the animals all over the planet)...but last I read there's 6 billion humans and growing, and there is no sign of that trend reversing.


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