Sunday ka Funda

Getting real?

She should be more concerned about whether he is wearing lipstick...besides, why waste kitchen ware? Chances are if the guy has come with lipstick on his person/clothes, he will also pretend to be drunk and will most certainly be late and have an excuse like, "I was buying cosmetics for you and wanted to feel how your lips would look on my shirt."

If you ask me, the partner's girth has little to do with it. Some people's 'brains' are just wired that way.



  1. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy that I cancelled my membership to that institution :-) IMO, The cartoons are missing a scene involving all the screaming and shouting matches and thrown vessels....

  2. One of the better ideas floating around is to have an expiration date on a marriage license, to be renewed every few years, voluntarily. Would be a whole less stressful than the current system.

  3. I should say "my license was revoked" rather than "my license was cancelled".

  4. If you like vessels, won't a rolling pin do?

    Not sure about the renewal idea. If something needs that, then it is not working, IMO.

  5. FV, Missed the rolling pin, so I retract my remark about IFOs (Identifiable Flying Objects).

    " Not sure about the renewal idea. If something needs that, then it is not working, IMO."

    Was just saying that tongue-in-cheek :) -- but usually marriages end up about two people marrying each others families, so it is more than just the people who get married, and certainly so after kids have sprouted during the course of the marriage.

  6. "kids have sprouted" :)


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