Dear Praveen bhai Togadia

Why you so angry? I am thinking how big NRI doctor leaving all antiseptic and scalpel comes to smelly hometown and trishul to make India proud. I am thinking and thinking that one day you will get just desserts for your sacrifice. No, no, not shrikhand and puran poli. I am talking about you getting something for giving up big job. Here you are only giving speeches.

I don’t know why that SIT called you. You are just man with big mouth and cannot do anything on your own. I can be wrong also, maybe you are real Chanakya and you took hypocritic oath and all. They are calling you VHP international general secretary, so your bhaav is more in Hindutva market but that is only upra-oopar.

Really they are showing you off, but I am not getting the intention. What is there in you to show off? You got old green card? But they don’t like green. So you gave that up also?

What international work is VHP doing? You are collecting money? For what? You must be open book.

I felt very emoshunal when reading that you are being victimised because you are Hindu. I wanted to tell you no need to worry so much. Please. I am feeling your pain. You said:

“SIT has called me because I am a Hindu. No Hindu in Gujarat is safe. In this country, Hindu saints, temples, organisations are targets of jihadis.”

You are expat Hindu, not dal-dhokli Hindu, so they must give more respect. I understanding your pojishun awkwardness. Gujarat is not safe for Hindus that is only why the CM and other politicians and police officers did danga-fasaad. It was to defend because alien attack was going to happen from Mars. Mars has green men and green men are all jihadis.

I am only asking frank question like Indian to NRI type, okay? Don’t mind, hanh…which saints have been killed? How many temples have been targeted? How many Hindu organisations? I knowing you are excited and don’t know difference between Indian and Hindu. Chalta hai. You are not experienced. For you it is all like patient – one wound on hand and you want to cut arm because you thinking whole arm will become wound.

I tell you I am feeling like crying. We Indians like to treat NRI nicely and here you are asked to sit in SIT office, all sit, sit and answer question about what speech you gave and why you were in town when riot took place. Where you will go? You have to protect Hindus. You are international general secretary. Whole world is looking and seeing how you do good work.

Zakia Jafri took case to Supreme Court because her husband was burnt alive in Gulberg Society. Some saying 2000 people landed there. She named 62 people. So SIT called you.

See, Praveen bhai, Modi bhai is telling all how Gujarat making leaping and bounding progress. He is bringing Nano, moto, everything. Now you saying that it is unsafe. So who will come to that place, who will invest? You are one time saying you are in danger, then you are saying:

“Very soon, they (Zakia Jafri and her supporters) will get a befitting reply to whatever they have been trying to do.”

My mind is getting confusing.

Keep quiet, be honest. Bas. If you had gone back, I would come to airport with sandalwood garland and box of thepla and Surat pedha. Now it is too late.

I am giving you free advice because I am feeling very pain when you say you are not safe. I want to give you medicine for this afraid beemari even if you are doctor. It is not anyone after you but your own shadow.

Ekdum sincerely,
Suraj ni kiran


  1. He is the worst of the lot and more bigot than anyone else.If Modi can appear before SIT panel why he is complaining?Also he is blaming victims

  2. Hi FV,
    This writing does not resemble yours. Did someone hijack your account? Sorry if you have tried a new flavor and I am not getting it.

  3. The last line says it all. Excellent.

  4. KB:

    There are no worsts because we are getting better and better at it. Yes, he is blaming the victims, but it is expected.


    I was getting tired of using the same language to show these guys the mirror, therefore...

    But I now know I can depend on you to alert me if anyone decides to hijack my account :)

    Tariq Azeez:

    Thank you!

  5. Brilliant!
    If someone in India thinks that somehow they're treated unfairly compared to Muslims, they are an asshole. Thought I'd clarify.
    More power to Muslims in India.


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