Art attack

A laugh at myself:

My first assignment was to cover an exhibition. Being still in college and wearing the pretensions that go with it, I had stood before a large canvas. There was a sea and a boat. I stood there for what seemed like hours. A man joined me.

“You artist?” he asked in heavily-accented English.

“No,” I said with becoming modesty.

“You interestd in art very much.”

“Yes,” I said (and an art commoisseur was born,I thought).

He asked me what I found so interesting. At that point in time Descartes must have sent me some huge vibes for I deconstructed it for him, shred the canvas into little pieces of sheer nonsense that sounded amazingly good.

“It si a sea and there is a boat,” he said blandly.

I looked at him with pity. “Surely you realise it cannot be just that?”

“Maybe, maybe, but it is.”

I shrugged and challenged him, “So you are interested in art?”

“Yes," he said. "And I have painted this.”

The art connoisseur died the day she was just taking birth. Sigh....
- - -
Sorry about making this not permissible for anonymous posting. I shall work around it soon. Updating things. Perhaps life....and yes on the road again...


  1. Farzana,

    I am misssssing the other folks...

    aapki raza mein to sab barabar hone chahiye. Anchahe anonymous bhi... Mehal ke darwaze khol diziye...

    our pseudonym friend will be cross with you


  2. Aapki hukum ki taamil ho chuki hai:-)

  3. Amandep, you a khalistanis?


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