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“Tirupati will be India’s first slum-free city”

Rs. 57 crore will be spent on this. Where are the bigger slums? In metros. Why does the Centre not spend the money on a city like Mumbai that pays the highest in taxes? Because Tirupati has pilgrims, Mumbai has dreamers and wannabes. Tirupati has a temple that thousands visit and look for peace. God likes peace. Devotees like peace. Slums are not about peace. Slums are about shit. God does not like shit.

Mumbai can tolerate shit. It has so many people living in those slums that it can produce more manure than belief. You have to treat these slums like the filth they are. Even temples are filthy here. No one cares. Celebrities donate huge sums of money to Tirupati temple.

It is the pampered and favoured one among our elite lot. Therefore it must look good.

Mumbai, don’t cry. We are with you.

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“TV channel snubbed for lifting reality idea”

CNN-IBN has plagiarised the concept plan and execution format put forth to it by a scriptwriter. She had approached them for trailing the life across metros on civic issues. The channel says these issues are common and anyone can do it. The judge says the project report and their programme are way too similar. I am glad Urmi Juvekar took the step ahead. She was helped greatly by the fact that she had her project registered.

This sort of filching is common. We do it with foreign programmes (not the ones that are franchised), we do it with people who innocently talk about things and use it. One particular activist film-star had in fact once presented a paper based entirely on a research project. It was brought to light, but because she is a “concerned” person, and the place it was taken from not too well-known, no one pursued it.

It is sad. Really sad. I have been at the receiving end of such enthusiastic ‘borrowing’ often. Researchers come to interview you, you tell them your views and then they pass it off as theirs. I discovered it much later when a poet friend refused to talk to one such researcher from the US. He said, “Why should I give my ideas when that bloke will use it for his purposes. Ask him to sit in a library.”

True. There they are forced to credit the material to vintage writers/academicians.

We who freely share our opinions become ‘useful’ without being credited with it. An ex-colleague in fact had boasted once, “F, I have tried to use your style and lines because I hugely admire you.”

I couldn’t do a thing. I was just starting out in my career. Someone told me it is great, I should feel flattered. Oh dear. If you want to flatter me just send me carnations, or sing to me, or…well….

- - -

Wasim Akram is in India and he is asked whether he thinks Pakistani women are more beautiful or Indian women.

I find this sick and irritating. The guy said we are one…

No wonder he has diabetes. There is so much treacle around.

But seriously, he is talking about an issue and all we want to know is women from which country look better. If I were him, I’d say Malawi or something.

Why the hell is it so important? There are good-looking women and not so good-looking women. Let us talk about the men. Who looks better? Have we asked any Pakistani woman this?

- - -

Amitabh Bachchan wants his wardrobe and hairstyle changed on his wax-work at Madame Tussaud’s because he says he does not dress and look like that. Anyone who has seen pictures of THE shaadi could see what he was wearing. (And looking like one of those overdressed Maganlal Dresswalla trussed up characters in some serialised epic.) A sherwani. And he has never worn a sherwani socially, so why wake up now?

The wax-work anyway looks waxy, and his hair looks like it has always done. The big fat ego should be able to look like anything. Or is the bahu’s wax-work making him a bit insecure? Aishwariya looks like cheese next to his chalk. So no worries, sir.

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