Today is International Literacy Day. Despite India having the highest number of illiterates in the world – nearly 304 million – I wish to celebrate it.

For, literacy is no guarantee to enlightenment. You know the alphabet, you learn to read and write, you can sign your name with a flourish, but can you ask probing questions? Can you seek answers? Do you make an attempt to accept that there are several ways of seeing?

This might seem like the elitist view of someone who has had the benefit of education. True. I would most certainly want every child to go to school. More importantly, I would like the parents to know how to bring up that child. And for the child to grow up and flourish in an open environment. Merely hitting out at someone whose views you do not like does not reveal any superior talent or even perspective. As a matter of fact it reveals ignorance.

Anyone who cannot fathom a simple sentence like, “On another note, a Muslim friend, yes friend, had told me a couple of months ago that I should find a Hindu rabble-rouser to keep me happy” cannot be literate, leave alone educated. Even a most simplistic reading will tell you that it means a Muslim friend, as opposed to anyone else, is equally biased when he told me to find a Hindu rabble-rouser. How different is this attitude from those asking me to seek jihadis? Is this not why I stated, “I guess there are lots of potential happiness-givers. That is also the reason I will not permit groups to be bracketed, any group”?

But what would an illiterate mind understand of this? That I only have Muslim friends and I am saying all Hindus are rabble rousers! I would say, holy cow, but that too will be deemed an insult to a certain religion…

Okay, from two comments in the mail, one a criticism, the other I am told was appreciation of my 'self-control'.

“The only good Muslim is a dead Muslim.”

Thanks whoever you are. Heaven can wait.

“I have to say you have a fantastic appetite to take criticism and insults.”

No. I differentiate between a critique and criticism. Flinging pieces of glass is not the same as showing the mirror. Also, my standards for accepting praise as well as critiques are extremely high, and both need to come from a genuine desire for dialogue in a language that is coherent. Well, praise can come just like a dewdrop on a flower; I rather like subtlety.

As for insults…were there any? I say what I always say: if I haven’t received something then it has remained with the person attempting to give it.


  1. blog
    Insults are another perspective for tormented souls(tormented are the ones who try to insult others with no reason)

  2. There she goes again with the ALL word like in all Hindus are rabble rousers.This is statistically impossible for anyone to say.This was posted in the reply to another jihadi here.Even a kid will understand that all snakes are not poisonous and all apples are never rotten.

    Point is that the bias of people like FV who get to write for english media in general and MJ AKBAR in particular is promuslim anti-hindu. Millions of readers are flooding this psecularist media with their comments.The english media is reacting slowly in admission to this because their credibility and hence business is at stake.Commies/jihadis like Prannoy roy,hajdeep,burkha and Sheikh gupta are being pinched in their pocket and are admitting this reluctantly and grudgingly.FV is being even more stubborn and blind.She only sees the benefits from jihadi markets and continues her false propaganda.Worse she is stupid and cannot read,and remember
    and understand basic statististics and uses the bufoon trick of ALL this and ALL that when none can possibly imply this.

    Abdul Kalam is no jihadi.There goes the All stupidity.Are Prannoy roy,hajdeep,Vinod mehta,burkha and sheikh gupta etc etc in english media Hindu rabble rousers?.Poor FV cannot read and remember the lines above.Such is her depravity and lack of capacity.

    She should stick to her stupid art
    admired by her dumbo club of a few idiots, or picking at natural mistakes such as typos and pouncing on them.Even a retarded kid is more advanced.

    And definitely not as perverted,egoistic and depraved as this lowest life FV who satisfies her vanity on her blog with no-life idiots posting comments on her egoistic pretentiousness passing off as art.

  3. Circle:

    Tormented souls understand pain and can read clearly because they are hungry to know...

    Regular insults are a result of lack of self-esteem...in a manner where you try to live off a person or an issue without having anything to contribute by way of argument.

  4. FV talks to the mirror when she says "Regular insults are a result of lack of self-esteem...in a manner where you try to live off a person or an issue without having anything to contribute by way of argument"

    Yeah she regularly insults hindus and innocent victims by siding with terrorists against India and its police and its citizens killed by jihadis/terrorists( sorry so-cute "militants") like Afzal etc

    She lives off hate India/hindus issue sponsored by jihadi money funnelled thru english media and NGO's like teesta setalvad,all part of the mumbai jihadi psecular brigade.

    They should raise your commission FV.Traitor shit would have been hanged in any other nation.


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