Did something happen here?

“Above all things, never be afraid. The enemy who forces you to retreat is himself afraid of you at that very moment.” Andre Maurois

I feel like telling this to those who spend a considerable amount of time challenging me, Muslims and “Pakis” (as though we are all one) to answer their silly queries.

Since they are in such a celebratory mood because we “cowards” did not take up their ‘challenge’, I may as well laud them.

Hail thee, for before thy might, the cauterised, chastised, circumcised “false” and fecund Muslims were breathing the fresh air away from the taunts…it doth surprise us that those of you who look into feeble minds so feeble yourselves be…what vile thoughts sit within you as you intone the same things? Like whiners! Like whiners!

My furrowed brow now seeks to know how you might fare on the couch yourself…what would your minds reveal about you as you shout, “Katlus”, “Jihadis”, and a chorus repeats it after you…

Aye, by my troth I say, this be sheer projection…shout it aloud, utter it again and again, for only then will you be free of the agony that assails you.
- - -

My apologies to those who have had to put up with some ‘reactions’ here. It is unfortunate that on the day I last posted I did not look at the comments. After that I did not get online at all. Now, as I read them, I have no response except pity. Pity that the person is most likely an expat who has forfeited his Indian passport and cannot accept the fact that a person of a certain community does not fit into his stereotype. Pity that he has to try to write bad English, mixing up Caps and small letters only so as not to be identifiable. Had I not been a sympathetic person, I would have laughed at the juvenile attempt. Is it fear that my so-called jihadi comrades will run after him?

On another note, a Muslim friend, yes friend, had told me a couple of months ago that I should find a Hindu rabble-rouser to keep me happy. I guess there are lots of potential happiness-givers. That is also the reason I will not permit groups to be bracketed, any group.

I might add here that I stand by whatever I have written thus far in my career. Every single word. If a few people do not know how to read and choose stray sentences to justify their agenda, I have nothing to say. Okay, I feel pity.

Elsewhere, before I had left, someone had challenged me saying that as a professional journalist I was answerable to her. I am not. These people will not dare to ask any other professional journalist and only when it suits them I become a professional journalist; otherwise, they ask, “Oh, is she one?” Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.

Someone else said, “Oh, she had written something on Gandhi and keeps rehashing it.” Yup. I do. At least I use my own work as my source of research; others use it, so why can’t I? It is my prerogative.

And, what I write is my opinion. I am not saying there was a fire and so many people died. I am wondering why there was a fire and how it could possibly have occurred. It is conjecture based on certain facts. I have the right to state that. So, no one has any business to ask me to provide evidence for what I think. When I state something, I start out believing in it. When you believe in something you think that it is right…that is the basis of belief. If you do not agree, then the onus is on you to provide me with information or a reasoning to prove me wrong and yourself right. Get that very clear.

This is not specific to what has happened here in the past few days.

I have removed the comments of those responding to something. The reason being that I do not intend to stop anonymous posting only due to the actions of one character, and right now I cannot moderate; the person does not deserve any attention, which is being sought; it will now look really silly to see the said person blabbering away into nothingness. I can only request the regulars here to desist from responding to such posts.

Thank you to those who wrote to me; I understand your hurt and wish it wasn’t quite like this.


  1. FV.
    do not change the subject.U could not even solve a math problem in school,so u became a a art's major without any analytical sense and only a big ego that has nothing to justify it considering u did not make it to any competitive profession or major.All u are is pretentious pseudo who sides with killers of innocents like Afzal,whom u want exonerated.Get it u evil scumbag.U
    dont care about Afzal's victims.Those dead jawans' died protecting filthy traitors like u
    who live here instead of Pakistan and their families had to return the medals because of shameless disgusting scum like u who are full of themselves.Try asking for exoneration of a terrorist in other countries.U will be punished for treason as u should be.
    Do not change the issue.It is your exoneration of Afzal and your contempt for law and court because of your fetish for islamic penises.Go to Pakistan or Iran which your ancestors had to flee
    and Hindus gave them parsis refuge when muslims chased them out just like they do hindus in kashmir,paka nd bdesh.Get yourself checked for depravity u evil.

  2. blog
    Hope FV is having a good and wonderful time of her life in hibernation.

    Love to see you back...

  3. Farzana, is it for real that you 'defended' Afzal?


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