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Occasionally, swipes can be delicately spiced. Let me reproduce one here that has taken a potshot at my ID (yes, even that becomes cause for comment) and my response:

Dear Farzana,

We enjoy reading your commentaries in Asian Age and are still enjoying the write up on Pandits from Kashmir. They still want the cake after eating it. So many thanks to you. Please keep writing and any complaints of hurting the sentiments should be brushed aside as this "Freedom of Speech" is again a topic of selective application viz a viz "Secularism" to Islam.

Please accept our offer of using this ID instead of the current. Hope you must have found out the difference between the two. Please reply so that the information on this ID is passed to you on your current ID.

Kaaghaz Qalam

Dear whoever/s:

I am deeply touched that you took this effort to form an ID for this naacheez. This is an icing on the cake, if I may say so.

I happen to be aware of the difference you allude to. However, since linguistics do not have to bear the burden of "freedom of speech", selective or otherwise, may I point out that 'kalam' is a piece of writing/discourse (in India we use the Roman script in a sparse manner...e.g.khamosh, instead of khaamosh to emphasise a long enunciation). If the meaning is pen, then it would rightly be 'qalm', not qalam. Of course, I have no qualms about these...

The rather democratic 'kalam' works and swings both ways, then.

I am glad I provide enjoyment. About KPs eating their cake and having it too, I believe the waazwaan (sp?!) does not cater to these needs.

For now...mujhse behtar kehne waale...



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