Irfan Pathan haazir ho

Dear Irfan:

I am sure you are doing great. Your Ammi is doing great, telling the world that Shoaib Malik had no business to talk about Muslims as though he owns them. Your Abu prayed the namaaz, they told us on television. That used to be his job, too, at one time.

You deserve the rewards that will come your way. But, I have a small request. Do not accept the Rs. 5 lakh award announced for you and your brother Yusuf by Narendra Modi. Please do not. You were part of India XI, not the Gujarat team.

I know it will be a tough decision. You are not an artiste like Aditi Mangaldas, the renowned dancer, who refused to accept the Gujarat government's Gaurav Puraskar saying that art cannot be recognised through oppression.

Can you celebrate the sporting spirit by accepting accolades from one who has abused power? You are part of a team and you represent the country. However, I do believe this message should be sent out to the chief minister of Gujarat. He has blood on his hands. And he still hasn’t awarded compensation money to the riot victims. Let him hand that over first.

Yours with hope,

An ordinary Indian citizen


  1. blog
    I think Irfan shouldn't accept this reward from Modi, the killer of hundreds of innocent Muslims...

    It takes a lots of courage to write such a letter open in public....

    FV means a tigeress who fights till the end....wow!

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  4. Circle:

    I would have called him a killer irrespective of who was killed. And to think he is still the CM...

    - -

    And for those who believe they are the watchdogs and need to keep tabs on me, don't bother. People from the RSS and BJP and other saffron parties are in touch and we do correspond; we disagree but can have a dialogue because they know I am Indian and will remain so; they also do not use foul language. And they matter because they are for real and don't come up with kneejerk responses in the safety of anonymity.

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  7. Shoaib Malik can say whatever he wants irrespective of what any Indian Muslim thinks so live with it!.Infact i rather enjoyed his comments because they certainly got under the skin of our so-called cousins across the border!
    You lot have enough to worry about in the land of Modi and us Pakistanis certainly have our problems though India's obsession with Pakistan is well known!
    I am Pakistani and like most of my compatriots have no effection or compassion for Indian Muslims so please don't flatter yourselves!!


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