Chhupa lo yun dil mein pyaar mera

I love everything about this song...the lyrics may seem regressive, but I see it as a higher plane of subsuming rather than submission.

Think about it:

chhupaa lo yuu.N dil me.n pyaar mera

Ke Jaise mandir mein lau diye ki

That flame never dies...


  1. I also like old Hindi songs, especially during the treadmill (which unfortunately broke down very recently). Welcome back!

  2. Were you listening to 'Dil ka khilona haae toot gaya' or 'Chal akela, chal akela, tera mela peecche chhoota rahi chal akela' when it broke down?

  3. Hey, I am not making it up! :(

    Come to think of it, it was something from a song collection DVD.

    Madhubala was lip-synching: "Tooti-phooti gaadi, anaari chalaiya...Hai daiya, hai daiya, hai daiya!!" She was making faces at DevAnand while he sat like a dummy and the crowd of ladies pushed the vehicle.

  4. A most appropriate DVD!


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