Pakistan gets a boob job

Yousuf Raza Gilani, the new prime minister of Pakistan, appears to have given a high to both the moral-keepers and the political book-keepers. A video clip on YouTube shows him brushing his arm repeatedly against the breast of another PPP member, Sherry Rehman. (Ironically, those who are complaining the loudest are also the ones flaunting the link; you won’t get one here, that’s for sure.)

He did this during their rally days. Of course, the past always chases people, especially when they are in power. But I do think Pakistanis should stop whining about this. If it construes harassment, and it does, then Sherry Rehman should be protesting loudly, as loudly as she shouts “Jiye Bhutto”. She ought to put an end to this cyber tamasha because she is looking like an object, not the guy feeling her.

Am wondering: What if he had not become the PM? Would this clip have become so popular? No. May I ask why? Does the crime decrease?

I must admit I have been out of the loop where news is concerned, so I am unaware of what the Pakistani press has been saying about it. But taking him on in this incident will not make sense. Morality has larger dimensions. It is disgusting to believe that a man can do whatever he wants in private. What people do in private is as crucial and reveals their value system. True, this sort of vulgar display is uncouth and unbecoming, but then if Gilani is the sort who likes groping he might do it within the four walls, at private parties where no camera will capture the event.

(In India we do recall ‘super-cop’ K.P.S.Gill’s antics where he slapped the bottom of a senior IAS officer, Rupan Deol Bajaj. The idiots in power and the media said this ought not to come in the way of his role as a ‘national asset’. She took him to court and although he got away with a light sentence a strong message had been conveyed.)

If Pakistan is really concerned about its image, then it ought to drag this man to court for misdemeanour and perhaps even molestation. Impeach him and get back Musharraf!! (At least this guy only played with his dog…)


  1. I saw the video. He should not have done it. I think he made a boo-boo!

  2. Where did I suggest he should have done it? It's a bit more than a 'boo-boo', though.

  3. [ It's a bit more than a 'boo-boo']

    Agreed. A big boo-boo!

  4. More seriously, (1) without a complaint, a person can not be prosecuted, (2) there is no way to PROVE that the act was not unintentional, (3) one can only be impeached for offenses while IN OFFICE.

  5. FV, I wonder if your sexpert is able to tell whether a street marcher boob remains the same when it becomes a federal minister boob?

  6. I could not resist searching for this video...'

    Hadd kar di bande ne! What was he thinking - rubbing emotions and saying I love politics :-)

  7. and yes... this was about 15 years ago i was on an overnight train journey. I saw a lot of punjab policemen stationed in the corridor... telling friendly drunk passengers like me that whenever the DGP saab travels overnight - he does not travel alone.

    Choice of co-passenger - Rupen Deol or Sunny Deol ? i did not ask ;-)

  8. This video was doing rounds on the internet before Gillani became the PM. Now, it has received an added mileage due to obvious reasons. It is a shameful act. Sherry R not speaking about it comes under 'larger party interests', so her reaction doesnt count, if there would be any.

  9. BJ:

    Thanks for the legal update...


    No difference, except of perception...like Pam Anderson in Baywatch and at a PETA function.


    15 years ago you used to drink 'som ras'? Do you think these DGB types are merely afraid of travelling alone?


    I wish 'party interests' included standing up for one;s rights and that of one's colleagues...


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