For many days now, I have been humming “ek raadhaa, ek miiraa dono.n ne shyaam ko chaahaa”.

Ravindra Jain is probably among the most under-rated lyricists. He has beautifully expressed the longing of two kinds of love – one seeking fulfilment, the other sublimation. I still get completely bowled over by the line: “Ek jeet na maani, ek haar na maani”…

The picture here is of a doll, one among many, that my mother has made down the years. This was especially for me (there is also a peacock dancer, and Anarkali). These are not dolls you play with; you admire them. And god knows how many people have been gifted these. I dread to imagine their fate.

She is more generous. Or, creation is all that counts to her…she does not think of what is destroyed.

- - -

ek raadhaa, ek miiraa dono.n ne shyaam ko chaahaa

antar kyaa dono.n kii chaah me.n bolo

ik prem diivaanii, ik daras diivaanii

ek raadhaa, ek miiraa ...

raadhaa ne madhuban me.n Dhuu.NDhaa

miiraa ne man me.n paayaa

raadhaa jise kho baiThii

vo govind aur daras dikhaayaa

ek muralii ek paayal, ek pagalii, ek ghaayal

antar kyaa dono.n kii priit me.n bolo

ek suurat lubhaanii, ek muurat lubhaanii

ik prem diivaanii, ik daras diivaanii ...

miiraa ke prabhu giridhar naagar

raadhaa ke manamohan

raadhaa din {sh}R^i.ngaar kare

aur miiraa ban gayii jogan

ek raanii ek daasii, dono.n hari prem kii pyaasii

antar kyaa dono.n kii tR^ipti me.n bolo

ek jiit na maanii, ek haar na maanii

ik prem diivaanii, ik daras diivaanii ...

Music: Ravindra Jain; Lyrics: Ravindra Jain; Singer: Lata Mangeshkar; Film: Ram Teri Ganga Maili


  1. Your creativity is inherited obviously.Do you also like Meera bhajan??

  2. FV:

    Nice lyrics.

  3. KB:

    Absolutely. Re. Meera bhajans, yes, most of them.


    My choice is usually good!

  4. good work..

    and nice write up also painting also good..where u do show in mumbai..this my small blog ...send u r view


    nice to meet u


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