Hail Pakistani democracy!

Just when they gave the bootwaala a boot, and everyone was talking about how democracy has finally made it and people have thrown out the ‘dictator’ (sorry, it will always be in single quotes for me…Pervez Musharraf did more for democracy in actual terms, except for that horrific attack on the Lal Masjid, than many democratically-elected leaders), we have everyone willing to sleep with everyone. I suppose this is indeed called democracy.

Those who recall some of the stuff I have written on Indian elections will know that I have vehemently stated how ‘marriage’ between political parties is a total deceit for the electorate and who you cast your vote for may end up having an alliance with someone you detest.

It is happening in Pakistan. First. Asif Ali Zardari said he would become the prime minister. Then the man who was the frontrunner, Makhdoom Amin Fahim, said people had trust in him. I don’t know what both these gentlemen can do, but Zardari can most definitely not be trusted even with a hole in the wall.

There is even better news. They have five people in the running…besides Fahim they have Chaudhry Ahmed Mukhtar, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Yusuf Raza Gillani and Azra Pechaho. Azra who? Azra is Zardari's sister. And he is nominating her. And his decision, one understands, will be final.

And do you know what everyone is saying? It does not matter if we have to compromise, it is all for Pakistan. Of course, it is…surely no one thought you had a cottage industry to breed politicians.

Among those who are talking such nonsense are Imran Khan and the Nawaz Sharif-Zardari groups. That means virtually the whole of the ruling elite. These same people who were rabidly against Musharraf are now quiet about what they plan to do with him.

I am sure he is feeling like a cat that has licked all the cream. They will need to milk him for all he is worth, and currently that is quite a bit.


  1. Democracy even in name only gives the world different impression.As expat it feels good.People are with Zardari and all political parties are corrupt.Have you been to Pakistan?

  2. You opinion of the 'dictator' shows the deep insight you have in Pakistani politics. I wish there were more writers who have courage to say such things. By the way, what is true for Pakistani democracy is also true ( or at least 50% true) for Indian democracy ( and film industry, too)

  3. These same people who were rabidly against Musharraf are now quiet about what they plan to do with him.

    ... err ... I thought that was the no. 1 point in the Murree accord.

    Just in case you missed that (which would be unthinkable given your analytic abilities), restoration of Superior Judiciary to pre-3rd Nov 2007 means rendering of the Presidential election invalid, and therefore bye-bye musharraf at the minimum, and impeachment and sentencing for high-treason at the maximum :)

  4. Anon:

    Yes, I have been to Pakistan, but I would still have an opinion had I not visited....


    I am not the only one who believes so...but I guess I do have a fairly good handle on subcontinental politics.


    Oh come on, the Murree Accord is a piece of paper...even the JI is unhappy that none of these politicians will do anything. I wonder though whether the 'democrats' will do anything to make the Americans angry or upset their apple-cart.

    Btw, I am quite capable of doing the 'unthinkable'!

  5. FV,

    Thou sayeth:

    ... are now quiet about what they plan to do with him.

    All I said was they certainly weren't 'quiet' about what they plan to do with him.

    Whether they're able to implement what they said is another subject.


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