The Deceivers

Oh, what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practice to deceive!

Sir Walter Scott
- - -

Image of top panel of my montage is a portion of Gustav Klimt's The Kiss.


  1. What deception? If all the world's indeed just a stage, shouldn't we be allowed to masquerade every now and again?

    And hey. A webpage I was trying to reach didn't open up...this came instead. Guess they're a list of keywords or something, but...

    man want baby know woman thing concern take choose girl like value community care hope enjoy hate emotion wish understanding sugar relationship desire neck regard guy union marriage weakness crush dear affinity liking communion bang fortitude darling pet sensuality relish eat up oneness giving impotence fellow sharing lust devour liaison mutuality team spirit go for brotherhood

  2. We can see a masquerade for what it is - a performance. Deceptions are devious and not such obvious masks (erm) and very real.

    Playing a role is fine, even fun...betrayal is not.

    Or as that web page you chanced upon would say...

    showing face not showing okay but showing to not show and facing face with lies false taking for walk garden path not nice bad bad very bad in fact no team spirit no spirit only spit it

    PS: Hope your exams went well.

  3. If that's all there is to role-playing, one may as well buy a video game. No point wearing a disguise if it's recognized as one. And if trying out a new self from time to time is "deceiving" those who came to know the old one...bah.

    The exams are far from over though, still quite a bit to go. Thanks.

  4. I would say that "trying out a new self" is indeed role-playing...if it means being a different person, then a lot depends on intent. The point is not whether another can see through and spot the old one (that would cease to be deception) but why one wishes for the masquerade.

    We are different people at different times due to circumstance or inherent moodiness...no deception there although it may be perceived so.

    I suppose the self is capable of such dynamism...but that is a longer discussion and you have exams...

  5. "...but that is a longer discussion and you have exams..."

    Et tu Brute?

  6. Tis April, and thou art still in the Ides of March?


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