Master Madan...Ji mein aata hai yaheen mar jaaiye

He recorded eight songs of which only two are available. He died at 14.

Such power and ease. Listen to him intone, “Tum ne bana diya hai kya mohabbat mein mujhe…”. Such longing, the tadap and complete control over loss, if I may say so, has rarely been expressed so effectively.

I get gooseflesh everytime I hear these and yet they uplift the soul…the way sharing one’s innermost turmoils with someone close can.

Yun Na Reh Reh Kar

Hairat Se Tak Raha Hai Zamana


  1. Cross connection! - well thats what happened when i googled about master madan today...i was redirected to your blog!

    just wanted to tell u that i have 'more than 2' compositions and renditions of master madan...and i am sure u will love "bhanwara...e mora...hum pardesi log".....so do u want it?


  2. Thanks Rohit, even if you landed up here by lines crossed...

    Of course, I would want anything and everything by him...do you have "vinati suno mori"?

    Am listening to him again...


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