Shoo-shoe, Omar – 2nd episode

Omar Abdullah has decided that he is going to be a good boy and follow the spirit of Ramzan. Therefore, he has forgiven the suspended head constable Abdul Ahad Jan who threw a shoe at him, as discussed here, because this month “teaches us to be compassionate”.

After the incident, Jan was hailed as hero by the public. This must have made Omar realise that not only has he lost the goodwill of the people he might also lose a photo-op. A few questions for the chief minister and what appears to be his enthusiasm for Ramzan and compassion:

  • This man was suspended – should he be given a job?
  • It is said that his son was once arrested for some militant-type work – is there a way in which he can be cleared of this?
  • The young people pelting stones – what compassion are you giving them?
  • The security guys who are being targeted – what compassion for them?
  • People are coming out in the streets because they have grievances – how would compassion translate into action for them?
  • There is curfew and people have to do without essentials - where is the compassion for them?

I would also like to know what this compassion business has got to do with the work of the agencies responsible for dealing with criminal activities or disturbing the peace. Abdul Jan did that and was taken into custody. He is said to have a PDP pass. Will there be any investigation? If not, then does Omar believe that he is superior to the law? If he does, then on what grounds can he object to unlawful activities?

As if this grand gesture was not enough, his father Farooq Abdullah says that he “has joined an elite club of George Bush, P Chidambaram, Asif Ali Zardari and a few others with the reward of shoe. It is a wonderful thing”.

So, it is all about elitism. And look at the members he is enthused about. Besides, what is so wonderful about it? Is there no sense of shame? If Abdul Jan was expressing the feelings of the people, as seems to be evident from the outpouring of support he garnered, then it should be wake-up call for the Abdullah club. If he was mentally unstable, then he might have thrown a shoe at anyone, maybe a karakul lamb, so there’s no need to get all that excited.

It only reveals the lengths to which people will go. I am also willing to see a conspiracy theory here. The shoe was too well-polished for a suspended cop. And don’t tell me Mehbooba Mufti provides shoe-shine boys for this kind of jihad.


  1. Ms Varsey
    What compassion should one show to indiscrimate pelting of stones- in this case the muslim youth in Kashmir?
    However, there is a case of compassion which you could articulate and that relates to pelting of stones , ordered by religious authorities, to kill those, again muslims, allegedly convicted of adultery- Iran and Afghanistan.
    You choose where comapssion should be practised and where law and order should be enforced?

  2. Nobody is talking about not following law and order. But security forces are not supposed to just shoot civilians. And here Omar is displaying compassion only for political gains when he ought to let the law take its course.

    The issue of stoning to death is entirely different and ta no point have I supported such religiously sanctioned killings - any religion's, I might add and you ought to add as well.


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