Iss se pehle ke hum bewafaa ho jaaye....

Two years ago he died on this day. Ahmed Faraz is known for a varied range of poetry. I have chosen this one for two reasons. One is personal. The lectern says 'Holiday Inn'. It was close to his office towards the end of his life, an office he was thrown out from. It was at Holiday Inn that he asked me to join him for lunch and I had to decline. Had to? Do you refuse Faraz? Let us just say I had committed to be elsewhere and I think he would have done the same. The other reason for putting up this video is because he says before reciting that things have not changed much in Pakistan. This was the poem that got him in trouble and he was imprisoned during General Zia ul Haq's regime.

There are a few people who you read and read about and then you meet and it is not the same. With him, his poetry was him and he was his poetry.

Ahmed Faraz reads 'Muhasara' - The Siege


  1. A short conversation (with US Custom & Border Protection)

    USC&BC: (Waving a book from my luggage) What can you tell me about this book?

    Anon: It's a collection of poetry.

    USC&BC: (Pointing to the cover photo) Who is he?

    Anon: He is the poet.

    USC&BC: What kind of poet? ... Like Shakespeare?

    Anon: No, more like DH.

    USC&BC: Who is DH?

    Anon: DH Lawrence.

    USC&BC: Oh.

  2. Oh...

    I'd have said WB...more like William Blake with just a touch of Neruda. Just a touch.

    But we all carry different things in our baggage.

  3. FV
    Like your short conversation with food take out,could you please also translate Ahmed Faraz reading 'Muhasara' so that those of us who understand 'hindustani' but not urdu, can also enjoy his poetry- a request?

  4. Ms FV
    The link to the interview does not work?


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