Sunday ka Funda

There is no 'funda' here. I love this song and have been humming it, so...

And, yes, only in Bollywood can people continue to sing while making love and even reaching an orgasm! Oh, well, people do laugh and scream, so may as well sing...

Movie: Refugee
Singers: Alka Yagnik, Sonu Nigam
Music Director: Anu Malik
Lyricist: Javed Akhtar
Actors: Abhishek Bachchan, Kareena Kapoor
Year: 2000


  1. It IS a nice song :)I remember my mother being utterly delighted with me when I discovered and made her listen to this :) I grew up listening to the soundtrack of the movie "lekin" (it's still one of my all time favorites) and a lot of...anup jalota (did not like him as much)

    I know this isn't about the video - but it has to be said: Abhishek is hideous. He just...should not be seen. Seems like a nice guy but...yuck. Kareena on the other looks like such a sweet bongi bhens :P How she could stand to be in such close proximity to that drunk looking camel is beyond me.

    Heres my offering :)


  2. Article on divorce with a tearful face of a woman; juxtaposed to sugary-shweet bollywood lullaby of love ...

    Is that an artistic statement of some kind?? :) Sorry, right compartment of my brain is rented out ...

    As for Abhishek, I am not repelled by him (then again I am a guy and straight one so .. but still carry some loyalty to my icon Amitabh despite his ungraceful aging) but his costume was certainly interesting. Was he playing a Bharwad (cattle-herder) from Gujarat ?? :)

  3. Hitesh: Yes, kareena was his cattle :P

    I'm glad you mentioned amitabhs ungraceful aging: So his beard is snow white but his hair is black with orangey streaks in it! I mean like...WHAT?!

  4. FV!!

    Bebo & Junior B ... Oscar Mike Golf ... Whiskey Tango Foxtrot ....

    Since we are at Rabindragaan ... watch this:



  5. Meriam!

    Oye biraadar, tum kya bolti? Oont ka jawaab patthar se dekar kya saabit karti? Woh bechara nasha kiya nahin aur tum usko kidhar se pilaya? Tum pikchur dekho, usme woh niswaar bhi nahin soonghta, aur "bongi bheins" kya hoti? Bangla ke bongo jaisa?

    Ahem, I liked Abihsihek in this film and in fact had written a sort of review in one of my columns. The song is indeed lovely, and am glad we at least agree on that. What were you doing listening to Anup Jalota????? 'Lekin' is a different thing, but heck I listened to Anup Jalota when I was let us say grown up. I do not know how it will impact on you if you heard him in your impressionable years :)

    PS: Amitabh's orange trace in beard is daadhi mein tinka??

    PPS: Your song link is not working...

  6. Hitesh:

    Article on divorce with a tearful face of a woman; juxtaposed to sugary-shweet bollywood lullaby of love ...

    Is that an artistic statement of some kind?? :)

    Not an artistic statement, just one part of my brain not agreeing with the other! Also, I try to be balanced sometimes.

    He is not a cattle herder (or hoarder), but a guy who facilitates movement of refugees who remained in India and wish to go to Pakistan. I seriously think it was a good film...


    Bebo? "Aap se tum, tum se tu hone lagi"...?

    Thank you for the absolutely sublime song. What a delight. Khoop bhalo...

  7. Farzi!

    Buss meinu acha nai lugda ve mein ki karan? mein movie takki si. Eh buss telefon pole di tarha karha ho janna si te buss ghoorda si. Ae acting na ondi ne!

    Anup was what he had on in the car when he would drop us off to school in the mornings :) I suppose he just rounded me off. I am an old soul :)

    Amitabhs tiger stripes are tacky. he has failed to sell this illusion. I expected better from such a revered actor.

    I've emailed you the mp3 of the song. Hope you like it! :)

  8. Meriam!

    Telefon da khamba onda assi tau lambee saans lenda bhi acting ondi. Try tau kar lai :)

    Will listen to the song...bas rab rakha...

  9. FV

    Bebo Shebo ko jaane do ... raat guzri baat guzri ... or whatever it is.

    Just got a fabulous deal from Flipkart: FV at Rs. 45/= discount and shipping free. Aur to aur, kisee ne phone kar ke be bola "we are shipping the book tomorrow".

    Jokes aside, I was happy to find the book.



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