Don't get me, okay?

More on not being understood…Here follows my response to one such denizen who always goes “duh?” when poetry is mentioned.

1.A truck driver just approached me...

"Behenji, you will do vadaa kaam by writing angrezi shair-o-shayari on my backside. Request hai ji..."

"But Paaji," I tell him, "My poetry is so confusing, no Rabba-shabba, no Horn Ok please, no Kake da Dhaba, no Maa da Ashirwaad, no Mera munda Pintoo...so why you are asking for this ulta-pulta thing from naacheez me?"

"Oye, simple ji...peoples reading from back, getting into deep soch ke kya hai ji, kuchh samajh nahin aata, then they not overtaking or jaan boojh ke honking, so I can listen to "Yamla pagla deewana" in peace."

2. I was approached by the Municipal Corporation for their public toilets for the greater good of mankind project.

"Madam, very kindly I make humble suggestion to you to pliss write your versification on wall of mutralaya (urinal)."

I was stunned, "But sir, you are a government servant, you should not encourage any writing on the walls. Besides, no one would read my poems anyway."

Shaking his head up-down, side-side, he grinned, "You know what madam, people looking at words, not understand, look carefully again with eyes becoming small and eyebrows going up...in this position they will also look down still concentrating."


"So what madam...you are ladies style, how to tell you...but you know mens not aiming properly always, so now with eyes in that position everything will fall in place. This is public service, pliss."

"I am honoured, sir. Should I continue to do this on a public forum too?"

"Ah, I know men pee-ing even in open…you think they will aim better with poetry? There it is not mattering, little drops here and there...there your writing won't help concentration. But surely if it is on every wall, then they will have to hide behind bush...so it will help fertilisation and irrigation. Madam, you are true public spirited lady. You must get nighthood."


  1. You just made me smile - first time all day.

  2. I am glad I could do so...here is something...

    "kisiikii muskuraahaTo.n pe ho nisaar
    kisiikaa dard mil sake to le udhaar
    kisiike vaaste ho tere dil me.n pyaar
    jiinaa isii kaa naam hai"

    Film: Anadi; lyrics: Shailendra


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