Jaipur blasts

Jaipur has happened. I do not wish to rush into kneejerk analysis. It is about over 60 lives lost, over two hundred injured. This picture conveys a lot.

The two things that have disappointed me most about the media coverage:

1. The emphasis on the cricketers and their safety. Out of the 3000 policemen, 500 were already on duty at the field before the blasts. What the hell…

2. How will it affect tourism? they ask. Those who have stayed on are seen as brave creatures. What will the world think of us? What the hell…

What do we think of ourselves?


  1. What a picture. Yes, it is kind of hard to decide which is more depressing, blasts or the way some people tend to talk of-and deal with- them.

  2. FV:

    I share your sentiment. Our perspectives have really got warped. We are incapable of seeing things straight. Just another blast, another story!

  3. Impressive picture. Very good work you do. Keep on.


  4. Mask, PS:

    I really am disturbed by the portrayal...the flip side is:what if there was no news at all?

    Hello Philip:

    Thanks for stopping by...this picture is from Associated Press, the credit is in the bottom right- hand corner.

    If I recall, you had written earlier...sorry if I missed replying. A very dear friend lives in Cyprus for some months every year - she is half Cypriot.

  5. These thing will continue to happen as long as we have closet jehadis like FV who consider death threats issued by fanatic mullahs 'just an opinion'.India would be heaven without the muslims.


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