O, cruel world...

It is a new steel glass. The label refuses to come out. Apply oil. It slips and falls. See what I mean? Even new things come with tags, some so well-glued that they refuse to come off. We try to get them to drop those labels and they slip and fall. Right from our hands that have held them.

- - -

Many people see the following song as morose. I don’t. The wail, "Haae, haae yeh zaalim zamaana" (Oh, cruel world) is quite metaphysical and not just about a particular sorrow…I am completely besotted by K. L. Saigal and many wonder why I don’t think the same about Mukesh. Saigal never sang from just his throat and his voice was not nasal as those imitating him tried to mimic. He had a naturally zukhaam hua (suffering from a slight nasal congestion) voice just as he had a zakhmi tone…as though an arrow was threatening to pierce him and all he had was tears as shield.

Listen to Gham diye mustqil… and you will know what I mean…


  1. How do you like Chal Ree sajani by Mukesh?

  2. Listen to this, you might like it...

  3. theindiastory:

    Being a fan of SD I obviously love the song...I think Mukesh has great music directors and lyricists to back him.


    Thanks for the link...I liked the visuals too, especially the beginning 'path'...I love slopping roads.


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