yahi armaan lekar aaj apne ghar se ham nikale

Am sure Naushad saab had no such desires when he left this world – to see his beloved Carter road named after him. But it is now Sangeet Samrat Naushad Ali Marg. Indeed, a well-deserved posthumous honour. This is not the first time it has happened and not the last, therefore we will have to stop cribbing about the changing of road names. If there is one thing about this one, it is that it is not a political act.

My little memories have been penned here, but today I am thinking about the film Babul and Dilip Kumar at the piano and Munnawar Sultana joining him intoning Shakeel Badayuni’s words. Talat Mehmood of the quiver in the voice and Shamshad Begum with that nasal tone singing in low notes sounding like she always did – frisky and feverish. I liked the contrast in the two sounds.

Milte hi aankhein dil hua deewana kisi ka
Afsaana mera ban gaya afsaana kisi ka

I have often talked about subsuming in love…this is one more example when two stories merge and become one.

The same applies to Man Tadpat Hari darshan ko aaj(Baiju Bawra)

Here it is oneness with god, a god-figure, a unifying force, even the higher self that seeks a path (guru)…

This song is in Raag Malkauns, an evening raag supposed to possess supernatural powers. I have watched Baiju Bawra four times, and even in black and white the sense of dusk, dust settling, sun setting is so palpable. I choke just listening to the alaap“Hari om, hariiiiiii…om”…imagine starting at the pit of the stomach and stretching every syllable in the body of the words…am eternally grateful to a childhood that was filled with these sounds…

I will be repeating what has been stated several times, if this is seen as a bhajan (a devotional song sung for Lord Krishna), then it is almost entirely a Muslim creation…

Music: Naushad; Lyrics: Shakeel Badayuni; Singer: Mohammed Rafi

These things are immaterial in the larger scheme. Just as Shanker-Shambhu took singing at dargahs and in praise of Allah and the paighambars to great heights, devotion is about belief in oneself to become better.

“sun more vyaakul man ki baat”

A mind that is constantly in search will always find.


  1. FV:
    aa, ki meree jaan ko qaraar naheen hai
    taaqat-e-bedaad-e-intazaar naheen hai

    dete hain jannat hayaat-e-dahar ke badle
    nashsha ba_andaaza-e-KHummaar naheen hai

    giriya nikaale hai teree bazm se mujh ko
    haay ! ki roone pe iKHtiyaar naheen hai

    hamse abas hai gumaan-e-ranjish-e-khaatir
    Khaak meih ushshaaq kee Ghubaar naheen hai

    dil se uThaa lutf-e-jalva haay ma' aneeghair-e-gul aainaa-e-bahaar naheen hai

    qatl ka mere kiya hai ahad to baare
    waae ! akhar ahad ustuwaar naheen hai

    toone qasam mai_kashee kee khaaee hai ' ghalib'
    teree qasam ka kuchch ' eitbaar naheen hai !

  2. Love for music is one thing that I inherited from my father. BAIJU BAWRA was one the movie that we saw together when I was hardly 10. I didn’t understand the movie but I can still remember the music as this was yesterday. My favorite one was“Bachpan Ki Mohabbat“. The dramatic leaving and singing of Lata.

    Thanks for cherishing my memories.



  3. PS:

    Lovely...you do manage to find some gems...


    We don't realise the value of memories till we see how things just go downhill...'Baiju Bawra' was a wonderful film, though I still wonder how I managed to strangle Bharat Bhushan...such an awful actor!


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