Can the Congress tick off the RSS?

It needs to be said, but political expediency is not the right reason. The AICC session is meant to be a forum for the Congress to pat its own back, for stock-taking is not part of our national psyche.
Therefore, amongst issues of price rise, Kashmir, Naxals, the statement circulated to members said:

"Recent revelations through detailed investigations have exposed the true character of the RSS and its sister organisations. The investigations indicate the involvement of its members in terrorist activities.”

Fine. What is the point in distributing these papers to members? The true character of such organisations has been known, and the Congress conveniently mentioned the RSS by name knowing well that it is not an electoral political party. Did the Congress issue such statements when it was in the Opposition? The bravado appears vacuous. The party will conclude its session with a vow:

"The Indian national Congress will fight against all such sources that spread religious hatred, prejudice and bigotry and that seek to polarise our people along religious lines.”

What has this got to do with terrorism? While communalism and terrorism often feed each other, the former is a social evil that manifests itself in more subtle forms of prejudice and is not easily recognisable. So what exactly will the Congress fight when its own party members squabble over caste and communal votes? Will political leaders stop visiting all kinds of holy shrines in a public display of fake pluralism?

Unlikely. This is just to score points. It is for the citizens to wake up to the fact of terrorism by the establishment and its agencies in almost every part of the country.

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