Sunday ka Funda

Understanding silence...

Kabhi tanhayion mein yun

Film: Hamari yaad aayegi
Singer: Mubarak Begum
Lyrics: Kedar Sharma
Music: Snehal Bhatkar


  1. Hope this video is visible on your browser. On my phone it days nah... apologies if it does not work. But you get the drift. I am seeking silence!

  2. Quintessential Indian words, sounds and rhythms ...

    Although, I try not to indulge in it too much, because they do make you blue ...

  3. if not your ideas for sure your selection of music has touched me and i thank you for this song.

    lover is only an idea.

  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUhvq8jk5mA&feature=fvwrel


  5. A classic in its own class. I always wonder why duration is so short :(. Anyways, thanks a lot for refreshing some good old memories. Thanks again.

  6. I think I should only post songs! Besides being such a wonderful song, I loved the picturisation and although there were some lovely voices at the time, I cannot think of anyone else singing it but Mubarak Begum. So strong is the association.


    Better blue than red...

    Kul Bhushan:

    What we like also reveals our ideas...but chalo iss baat pe aap touch tau hue...


    I copied the link with the smiley on the browser :)

    Have you watched the film Anupama? It is lovely. And the songs...Thank you :)


    Why is it so short? Yes, when tanhayee itself drags on. I guess a few moments can capture the pathos.

    Here is a different view on loneliness (but I do not like the way it is filmed, yet...):

    "Akele hai chale aao jahan ho..."


  7. Thanks FV for sharing. I guess music players have "loop" like functionality for such songs.


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