Baba Rahul Hazare

What's up? Is this the Shivaji-like guerrilla tactic Ramdev talked about? Rahul Gandhi has taken charge of the brigade and the Congress party is talking about acting tough.

Sure, if this is the new avtaar seen at the Lucknow meeting yesterday, then he has perfected the look that has caught the fancy of the derailed 'civil society' that's come out of the woodwork.

Smart move to 'cross dress' as both Ramdev and Anna. Maybe now someone might call him Amul cheez.

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  1. FV,

    you are right to say, none of the dollar-a-day people are asking about the black money in swiss banks. Of course, they are not, they have to do real work for a living, unlike you, me and Baba :)

    Besides, If Babas, Swamis and Civil Society seems like something out of middle ages then why did no one ever question when; in a very obedient ways, Warrior class went to join the politics, bureaucracy and army, Brahmins became politicians, bureaucrats and technocrats, Banias become politicians, bureaucrats, and business magnates,

    and the rest, oh well.... I am sure they are there somewhere...

    If this is not a re-incarnation of a Hindu Kingdom from middle ages then what is? But, heck it paid the bills....

    Notice politicians/bureaucrats shows up in all categories. But, now that lowly middle class gets similar aspirations, there is something inherently unpleasant about it.

    Being economically weak and socially and educationally backwards, they enter politics with what they know or what they have been fed for so long within Hindu Hierarchy (not too different from those others listed above).

    Here is one of the well-written comment I saw on the outlookindia.com


    @Anwaar:"Opposing corruption should not be communal. That's why communal people should not be allowed to seize leadership of this movement. They will exploit the anti-corruption sentiment to push their communal agenda."

    And let's play around with the words a bit.

    Opposing communalism should not corrupt. That's why corrupt people should not be allowed to seize leadership of anti-communal movements. They will exploit the anti-communal sentiment to push their corrupt agenda.

    As of now, there are two major anti-corruption movements running in the country. One by Anna and the other by Ramdev. Both have common supporters. Both are said to be tinged with saffron - Ramdev's more so.

    Your platitude that "communal people should not be allowed to seize leadership of this movement" is charming. But where are the secular people? Why aren't they coming forward to seize the leadership of this movement. Oh yes - I forgot - they are playing for team corruption.

    The present movements are finding support from rabid communalists (mostly Sanghis), the leftists and the centrists. Everyone's on board with the exception of elitists and rabid secularists and of course the green brigade.

    And as things stand, the first team appears to have a upper hand.

    The Congress and the Government, which are absolutely corrupt are in a bind as they would be working against their own insiders and friends if they take a hard stance on corruption. That is why they keep raising this bogey of communalism to tarnish the movement.

    But what the government does not seem to realise is that they are giving RSS and the Sanghi elements a new respectability by continuously stating the anti corruption movement is being supported by these organisations.

    RSS and its elements are not declared terrorist outfits or banned organisations. And they are openly supporting a movement that has been launched in the nation's interest. And the government is endorsing this. What more positive PR does the RSS require?


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