Gays and Maoists

Courtney and Sarah
When the two American gay women got married in Kathmandu, they probably were not aware that they were fighting Maoists.

Psychologist Courtney Mitchell and lawyer Sarah Welton exchanged vows as a Brahmin priest presided over the ceremony at the Dakshinkali temple.

Of course, westerners love these exotic traditions and part of the reason for the Nepal choice is that their marriage is not recognised in their native Colorado.

So, is Nepal more progressive? There is a more pragmatic reason. A while ago there was a report making it clear:

Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) officials hope that LGBT arrivals will give a boost to the number of visitors to the country as the government mulls new ways to bring in a million foreign tourists every year by 2011.

“Some international companies want to work in tandem with the government and attract LGBTs,” said an NTB official. “The beginning is encouraging.”

The sudden spurt in this niche market was due to the decade-long Maoist insurgency that affected tourism. The 10 per cent that constitutes sexual minorities need a space where they can roam free and not be judged. If a country offers itself openly as such a place, then there are bound to be takers. In fact, in this “first Asian public lesbian wedding”, Nepal’s only gay legislator, Sunil Babu Pant, did not waste any time and kick-started wedding packages for same sex partners with his Pink Mountain Travels and Tours.

The Maoist position on such alliances is not known and one should hope that a targeted group is not being created to deflect the danger elsewhere.


  1. FV
    If in Hinduism people can get married to TREES, snakes, monkeys, cows, donkeys, houses, statues(gods/godesses) and to elephants, then isn't is little better to get married to atleast another human???

    emmm, i guess so?
    PS:- I am not in favor of homosexual marriages.

  2. Circle:

    The instances you mention are a fraction of the population that is swayed by superstition and charlatans and this can happen anywhere. These two women are not Hindu; they only married as per certain rites. Homosexuality is not a superstition so the large number of people will look for legitimacy in different ways. Marriage seems to be one of them.

  3. FV
    You'll be surprised to know that in some parts of the World like Salem(USA) homosexuals used to be considered witches and they used to burn them down to ward off different curses. Still in some other regions, gays are believed to be some Extraterrestrials having curse from God.

    I think emmmm they might be ETS.


  4. Circle:

    I'd consider those parts of Salem extra-terrestrial. If this is a curse from the gods then the gods did a bad job of creating. In several parts of the world different groups are considered 'cursed' including what we may hold dear. Let us argue about how sections are projected and evils within but not by such generalisations, please.

    ET was anyway a blockbuster.


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