Is this some ladies' club?

It is interesting to watch the manner in which men rise to the occasion when a woman is involved. They really get high if, say, a woman criticises a woman. I have been watching a few such tamashas where raising questions about BB’s credentials immediately proffers you with a “primitive mindset”.

Benazir Bhutto is planning to return to power; power has no gender, I assume. She is playing the game as well as any man. When men are critical about Musharraf or Nawaz Sharif does anyone imply it is envy or a locker-room run-in? There is a tendency for men to imagine this to be a little zenana item number they can enjoy; they do not understand that people may wish to engage in a dialogue or even an emotional outburst. Isn’t that what it is called when a woman says something forcefully? I have recently seen men say, “At least she will get laid now” and call her a “Brothel Bitch”…it seems okay, but women expressing their anger are “foul, mealy-mouthed”.

Some are. I am not. Yet I think BB sucks.

People who have always said Pakistan does not have an independent judiciary are now gung-ho about this same “independent judiciary” being allowed to try her on corruption charges…

Who is to even decide with such confidence that she is the only one who represents democratic values? Who says India can do business with her better than others? What the heck do they know? India has had the most effective peace measures during the reigns of Zia and Musharraf…if that is of any consequence.

She now happily blames Zia’s supporters. What a woman…isn’t it obvious she is tugging at the very past we are supposed to forget about? Zia killed Papa and Pinky must now take the people back to that time. That Zia and his party are dodos now does not matter.

Getting people to line the route is not always an indication of popularity; it is such an easy thing in the subcontinent. Come on, we all know about getting truckloads in India not just to say “Jeeye so and so” but even to win ‘democratic’ elections. Funny, how the men start talking about Pakistani democracy that they consider did not exist.

Madame BB is very much a part of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and according to the Constitution she will have to follow certain rules. And she has shown us that it is precisely what she likes doing as long as her miyan can pocket the 10 per cent from the big bucks she makes. Aw, she is such a woman, ain’t she? She lets him keep the change…


  1. Disagree with you about the judiciary. Whatever it was in the past, it cannot be called anything but independent following the whole Chief Justice scene.

  2. Blog
    BB sucks, BB is pathetic, BB is corrupt, BB has no credentials except for a badge of honor in the form of corrupt husband sitting on her right and left shoulders asking for more of 10-20% of his fair share so that he can play with his fine horses in Pakistani white houses in islamabad, where he can murder anyone with no mercy just to have more business and more money..........

  3. Tan:

    I am still wary about the CJ situation...

    Btw, did not know you were in Karachi.

    - - -

    What people do nor realise is the disgust towards her is so real in Pakistan.

  4. Really? You've got to be one of the very few (and might I say pessimisitc?) people still doubting, then.

    Na, I'm a Lahori; a friend from Karachi told me about the billboard.

  5. Not pessimism, just a historical understanding. However, being an outsider, my view is limited.

    Btw, do we know thee?

  6. As in person to person? 'fraid not.

    Ever been to Lahore, by the way?

  7. I suppose p to p is the only possibility the human dimension can think about...

    Yes, been to Lahore as well.


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