Bomb blast at Ajmer Sharif

The following is a press release from the Jamaat-e-Islami, Hind, Maharashtra on the bomb blast in Ajmer. I reproduce it with the portions highlighted by them, and later my reactions:

Mumbai, 11th October, 2007

Bomb Blast in the Astana-e-Noor, Ajmer Sharif, killing 2 and injuring 17 is cowardice and inhuman act. Jamaat-e-Islami condemns it strongly and offers condolences to the family of the victims and demands the compensations for them. It also stress for the transparent and comprehensive investigations , in to the incident. Jamaat, also appeals the people to maintain peace and co-operate the Administration to maintain Law and Order situation under control.

Jamaat-e-Islami, also urges the politicians and especially the media not to have any preconceived conclusion about the culprits as has been customary for the last several incidents .

Jamat also demands the government to draft a policy about the regular bomb blasts especially after the Ajmer incidents before which the Home Minister declared the possibility of the attack on the holy places in the country. It also suggests the government to declare appropriate alert for the people to be cautious besides informing the Agencies in this Festival season.

1. I completely agree with transparent and comprehensive investigations. Instead of the Jamaat it is the job of the government and the police to ask people to maintain peace. Incidentally, without being told so, they did. In fact minutes after the blast the devotees were praying there and the police did not bother to cordon off the area, knowing that this was the time for the breaking of the Ramzan fast and there will be people wanting to pray...

2. Agreed that the police and the media must not have preconceived notions, but organisations like the Jamaat are not the ones who they will listen to. The more important point is even if they do have preconceived notions they should shut up and follow proper methods of investigation.

3. What the heck does "draft a policy about the regular bomb blasts" mean? Are we then assuming that yeh to hona hi hai, so let's have a standard form to fill and tick-mark what is applicable and what is not? Nonsense. Each bomb blast has a different motive and a different group could be behind it. While all inhuman acts are despicable, let us not put all the culprits under one category. Who is sponsoring them? Are they working on their own or being prompted by foreign agencies? By foreign, I also include western agencies. It is time we looked beyond the ISI.

4. It is indeed important to find out why the Home Minister spoke about the possibility of attacks on religious places before these blasts. If the public is to be kept in the dark, then make sure members of the public do not die. We need to know the source of such information/suspicion. And instead of merely sounding a 'red alert' the government should have done something.

5. What is the purpose behind telling the people to be careful? And why only during the festival season? Do people know when something will hit them? People seem to have better sense and do not get into overdrive most times. They want to just go about doing what they do...in this case offer prayers.

While I am at it, I might like to add that soon after the blast, the khaadims (caretakers) of the Ajmer dargah ought to have specifically urged the police to block the area. These khaadims are indeed becoming too media-savvy; they even pose for pictures with Shakti Kapoor.

And for those who are back to their Hindu-Muslim thing, how the hell does it matter whether it was a Sufi shrine and not Muslim enough? And why conjecture whether there were Hindus in the dargah or not?

Will that change the fact that there was a blast?


  1. Blog
    This is so sad that humans feel pleasure in killing fellow humans...No mercy left in this world , humans have become beasts who eat human flesh......

  2. Saw a bit on the news...pretty weird clip though, people were laughing .

  3. FV SAYS //And why conjecture whether there were Hindus in the dargah or not?

    fv is abs right.We muslims should not conjecture when it is inconvenient for us muslims.We should only conjecture that godhra train was an accidental fire and haren pandya was killed by Modi and
    Modi ordered Gujarat post godhra riots.

    I agree with FV.Happy eid to FV and all of you here.

  4. Reply to anonymous muslim above

    Comment on outlook >>"What these smart Islamists are doing is blasting the bombs in such way that less damage and casualty happen when its done inside a mosque and make it more effective when done at other places where non Muslims are affected"

    A very significant point.

  5. Circle:

    In this too it is whose is bigger...


    Yes, it is weird. Life is...

    - -

    Re. comment in Outlook, it just shows how petty people are...should i also get into the act and quote figures? Hyderabad blasts - 42 killed; Varanasi - 28; Godhra - 58; Gujarat riots engineered by ELECTED GOVERNMENT - 2000.

    I think it is unfortunate that we even have to get into this, for I know that Hindus died during the Bombay riots too, and Muslims during the so-called retaliatory blasts.

    That is the very reason I said it is not important to conjecture whether Hindus were in the dargah. I did not even mention Muslims. It is PEOPLE.

    PS: Anonymous, I understand you are trying hard to get an identity but talking to yourself in the 'secular' avtaar isn't quite working.

    Anyway, thanks for the Eid wishes. I and my fellow 'jihadis' wish you the same. May you see the moon...our stupid Imam of Jama Masjid has trouble seeing it.

  6. Hahaha!
    Your blog is the best place in cyberspace. Sometimes I can't decide if it is your posts or the comments that are more interesting.

  7. Great...I slog for two years and someone comes along less than two months ago and has everyone go 'fida'yeen:-)

    But remember if the posts were not there, the comments would not be there...na baans hota, na baansuri...though this is nihayat besura.

  8. Racial and religious killings are the worst things humans can do and must be condemned.
    I grew up in a small town called Meerut in UP and during my childhood, I could never understand the Hindu-Muslim riots that hit the city more than once a year, especially around religious festivities.
    Now many decades later I realize that it is not the common people who want these nonsensical killings. It is the religious and political leaders with vested interests.
    Can there be a peoples' movement in India to rise against organized religion ? I think whenever organized religion tries to take control of peoples' lives, there are bound ot be problems and tectonic shifts in society.
    A humble beginning people can make is by staying away from these organized religious places, especially around festivals. At least one will be safer !! One need ot visit the temple or dargah to seek God. It's all within...try it for a few years and you'll know what it means.
    Peace ...
    Arjun Sirohi


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