RIP: Benazir Bhutto

Instead of having made the populist move of moving towards Mohammed Ali Jinnah’s mausoleum, I would want to know what Begum Benazir Bhutto plans to do about all those killed in the bomb blast in Karachi while her caravan was taking her on a supposed victory rally.

The victory is that she has returned from a self-imposed exile of 8 years. This meant she fled her country. If she had the guts she ought to have stayed behind and not got holed up in those Dubai and London mansions.

With people like her around, Pakistan does not need enemies. Even before arriving she had declared that it was not the Taliban she was worried about (already playing to the gallery); the threat was from within. Then why did she agree to compromise with those within?

She now talks about her faith in god. I doubt whether any god can have faith in her.

She needs to build a mausoleum in the memory of those killed in the blast during her rally so that if, by a cruel twist of fate, she does come back to power it will constantly remind her that the democracy she wants has been created on the bodies of innocents, while she was “resting” in her van.

As far as I am concerned, it is RIP - Benazir.


  1. What does she plan to do about the people killed because of her?
    Why, add to their numbers of course.

    It's what the Bhuttos do- what her father did, and what she has always done and now hopes to do again. "Those" people don't count, you know. No one does, to her. After all, she's the Oxford educated, Western Woman and all else are mindless children, half-wits who understand nothing, have such restricted intellects we need to be told, in halting and laborious, constipated Urdu, that we will go to Hell if we bomb her because Islam does not allow harming a woman. Ah, you see, how painful it must be to have to stoop to translate her own lofty thoughts to a plane us mortals may actually comprehend!

    The biggest joke of all is her constant claptrap about democracy. There is no democracy within the PPP, opposition was stifled and strangled during her own "democratic" governments- what does she know about democracy other than it being the ticket she's used to fling herself back into the political scene she herself left?

    Someone should spit on her lying face when she says she's not worried about the Taliban; it's the constant refernces to Pakistan's "Taliban-ness" which has so boosted her image abroad. And it is her colonial, demeaning, condescending treatment of the Tribal areas which will create anything remotely resembling the Taliban in Pakistan.

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  3. blog
    BB is just pathetic and dumb stupid lazy corrupt woman with no credentials except for what her corrupt father left for her to complete ie. to destroy Pakistan as much as possible. That's the mission of BB and PPP.

    Anyway, people got killed and here she is only concerned about her PM ship and she and her mean PPP morons are satisfied that she is alive.

    As if her life is the only life which can save people from the clutches of poverty and other bigger issues....she needs to be eradicated and pesticide ASAP.

  4. Tan, Circle:

    Agree with both...it is becoming a right royal tamasha...and is is sad that no one will remember it...

  5. Oh, people will remember all right...just not the ones in power.

    Quite funny really, there's a billboard in Karachi with "BACHAO!!!" written next to a picture of Benazir returning- it's an ad for car insurance. This whole debacle has raised too many emotions to too great a pitch to just "be forgotten".


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