Cathie Jung is in the new edition of the Guinness Book Of Records for the tiniest waist in the world: 15 inches.

The 70-year-old grandmother's vital stats are - 39-15-39. How has she managed it? By being laced into tight corsets the last 25 years, which only come off when she showers.

She said, “I do everything that I want to do. I eat fairly small meals but I prefer that at my age anyway. I find it tricky sitting in low chairs and sometimes in restaurants I have to sit on the high chairs at the bar. I even have a special swimming costume with a corset sewn in it, so I can still go to the beach. And I am still able to do housework — unfortunately!”


  1. blog
    The woman with such a tiny waist doesn't look wasted at all....

    She looks quite muscular...

  2. I find it too Barbie-esque and unnatural...


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