Am I 'fraustrated'?

Received this letter. Reproduced as it is:

Hello Farzana

Greetings from
B a n g l a d e s h.
Fraustration, too much
Farzana, really. You should
enlight to your reader, not fraustration.
I some time go through with your writings.
I want introduce you to Bangali reader here.
I can translate some of them for our newspaper.
In that case you need to send a straight photograph.



- - -

I have a feeling someone is pulling a fast one on me. A Bengali may pronounce something differently but not spell it phonetically. Yet, thought it was rather nice!

Without seeming to reduce the person, should he be genuine, I might have replied as follows:

Bhelcomb! And thank you for going through with my writings, that is why I was whaandaring why my writing always having kaampani, saamtimes pulling, saamtimes phushing. I hope my fraustrations has not made you less bhalo. Ami ki korbe? I was thinking of Jaarman Frau so fraustration became too much, hain? Not phinding it phunny? I promise to enlight reader once I start thinking of French Madame, then tumake komplaint hobe na. Shotti.

I also want introduction to Bangali reader in Bangladesh, but how you will translate my fraustration? Bherry diphicult tashk. Phull dukho-dukho.

Also, am whaandering about the word ‘straight’ for the picture. Is mine ‘gay’, no, dada, not like haapy, but ooman liking ooman? If you think so, then is there problems? Will gentlemens say whatphor this raabish nhonsense like eating mishti doi and plain doi together, tchah-tchah? I don’t want traabal phor you. Kindly enlight me pliss.

With all fraustrations I say nomoshkar,


- - -

Some words/phrases that might not register

Bhelcomb! - Welcome

Kaampani - company

Bhalo- good

Ami ki korbe? – What can I do?

Jaarman - German

tumake komplaint hobe na. Shotti - you won’t have any complaint, I promise.

Bherry diphicult tashk. Phull dukho-dukho - Very difficult task. Full of sorrow

Ooman - woman

traabal phor – trouble for

mishti doi – sweet curd


  1. Haha .. FV I guess he means a 'straight' picture, not split in two as on your blog!

    Or perhaps he means a photo of you 'straight' i.e. standing straight!LoL ...:)

  2. LOL.Being myself Bengali I am sure that fan will feel hurt!!

  3. WMW:

    I know he must mean something straight, but I have to interpret it crookedly, na?!


    No pain no gain! Seriously, the intention was most certainly not to take a regional swipe...

    For more on Bengali, if you are keen:


  4. Many people speak with an accent - but NOBODY writes using the same accent - nobody!

  5. Ha! I am grinning ear to ear. It is indeed a master cracker out of your 'fraustrations'. Btw, I went looking for you on chowk and after checking the date of your last entry, I googled you up. I am sure it must have been asked upteenth times already but how come you are not writing for chowk. I started reading your stuff in 2002. I went back to chowk after almost a year and a half. Doesnt look the same. anyway, keep up the good work.

    Btw, its madiha from karachi.

  6. BJ:

    I already said that...but they do write with an 'accent' if it is a deliberate act, a parody...even nobodies...

    Hi Madiha:

    I reckon you are the same person who had responded about the layout etc here in my initial blogging days. Yes, I have been asked that question several times :)

    Isn't it good that despite the absence one is remembered? What more can one ask for?

    I was in Karachi mid-year - are you still there? I know we have not met, ever...

    Nice to see you here, though, and thank you...


  7. Wow! You remembered. I am genuinely touched. I would love to meet up. I am now studying photography in NYC. Please let me know when you are in the city next.

    I know I don't sound very off beat gushing like that but i am very excited to hear from you.

  8. Great to know you are studying photography...I can learn some...

    Which city? Karachi or NYC?

    And, you do sound very offbeat...don't get to hear this often :)

  9. I dont think I can teach much when I am still learning the ropes myself but would love to sift and discuss when you come over to new york next. :)


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