Why is Afzal Guru rooting for Advani?

Afzal Guru is under pressure. Psychological and of some other kind. Yes, go ahead and accuse me of harbouring one more conspiracy theory. The man who has been convicted for the attack on Parliament (although he was not part of the actual act) now wants L.K.Advani to become prime minister so that he can get a death sentence in peace!

Hum kya ghaas kha rahe hai? Who the hell is fooling whom? I am no fan of the Congress party but clemency decisions are not taken with great speed – and not by the PM but the President. There are several factors that have to be taken into account. Afzal is cribbing about three years – what about the undertrials, little kids, old men, who have been arrested on fake charges (sometimes not even that courtesy was extended; they were just hauled up) who are waiting for justice for years?

“I really wish LK Advani becomes India's next prime minister as he is the only one who can take a decision and hang me. At least my pain and daily suffering would ease then.”

Yes, and what about those of us who will not be hanged? What about the possibility of India finally giving up the pretence of being a democracy, which it has been steadfastly before the early 90s? A man who watches a mosque being demolished as though he is a spectator of some epic film (he love movies, does he not?) will be in power. Give his speech at the Red Fort. What will he tell us? Does he have any manifesto other than building a temple?

“I have also requested that till the time they (government) take a decision, they shift me to a Kashmir jail.”

Why? A prison is a prison. And he has himself noted, “I only asked for pardon to stop millions of Kashmiri people hitting the streets. If I am hanged, I would take it as a sacrifice towards the people of Kashmir.”

Being in Kashmir would only exacerbate the issue and there is still time for Advani to become PM.

Now let me elaborate a bit on what I imagine are the undercurrents (how I love the word).

Afzal asks to be shifted to Kashmir. There is pressure on Ghulam Nabi Azad. Congress gets even more jittery. The National Conference which happily slept with the NDA will start making noises, like the Omar boy did when the lady Prez held a gun and smiled. NC will start preparing for an alliance with the BJP. Position on top.

Now if Afzal does get the death penalty, then he asked for it and in fact Advani was the right man to convey him towards that ‘release’.

If his mercy petition is heeded to, then it will be a coup for the saffron brigade. Look, how large-hearted we are.

Afzal will then sit in some prison and pen songs for them. He will become an example of the reformed jihadi.

Afzal is reading India wins freedom by Maulana Azad about the country's independence movement. Sweet. Ironical too. The Kashmiris would not quite get it, the Kashmiris who he is fighting for.

Human rights activists have been really pursuing his case and I personally feel this is a big blow to their work. Some of us played a lesser role, but we did raise our voices to bring to light various aspects of the case.

There is too much politics going on now, and even terrorists are learning to play it. Sad.

Afzal Guru’s son has been named Ghalib. I assume it is after the poet who said:

nuktaacheen hai gham-e-dil usako sunaaye na bane
kya bane baat jahaan baat banaaye na bane


  1. I happened to read a book by you (hoping its you the same !) yesterday at a bookstore (memoirs on trip to pakistan) and it left quite good impression on me regarding your courage and fight to bring truth in front of the ones who dont have an access to it but reading this blog has really confused me.

    saying "although he was not part of the actual act" is just a height of freedom to say. He has been convicted by highest court of the country. hasnt he? and even now he says that in case he is hanged he ll be like a "shaheed" saying it for the cause of kashmir !! what cause is that...to mismotivate the innocent youth of kashmir to join fanatic jehadi movement which doesnt lead to anywhere..which leads to them and their families even in more miserable and pathetic conditions..you are more exposed to such situtaions than any of us...cant you spread the message that terror is terror whether its at this side of border or that and terrorists need punished rather than to be posed as a "shaheed" !!!!

    First let me make it a clear that I am not a die hard fan of any of the political party or leader. But I dont understand at all the meaning of liking of movies for Mr. Advani. If he has to be commented or judged better judge on policies and not only policies but how better those policies are materialised (as most parties have very good manifesto to show off). liking movie ..having good food..having nice dress up sense or personal choices...and I hope any national leader will not let his national policies effected by his personal choices..we all are personal as well as professional..not just person or proffessional...and reaching at heights means he has maintained a neat distance between those both too...I hope I make my point clear...

    Lets again ...you see the demolition of babri maszid...but did you ever see why so !!!! did you ever ask why still we have some of our vip's living on the aurangazeb lane in new delhi..which is nothing than a big shame...its not too old history which tells that he was one of those cruel mughal rulers who barbarely killed hindus and part of a dynasty which came india just to loot, rape......its shame shame and shame on us to see things in small time frame rather than seeing it in a broader perspective...you have every right to say (and even delete my comment) but please make a point that freedom should not be misused to increase the chaos as you come in that privileged list of people whose voise is heard and given a year..lets use to make it India, The Bharat of Dr. Abul Kalam's vision ...Thanks !!

  2. I don't agree that afzal should not be in a kashmir jail.He has that right until his sentence is carried out.

    Your theory has merit,you should have written an article

    Reading the book now!!

  3. ashukla:

    Thanks for your detailed response. I disagree with you. If you had read the links that would have shown up in the URL I posted you would have seen how the case has been completely twisted. The Supreme Court did indict him for conspiracy not the act. And since when has the SC verdict been held up...even by our own politicians?

    However, in this particular post i have questioned Afzal, including on his taking up the mantle of shaheed. But there are several such shaheeds and we cannot ignore them.

    Re. Advani and movies, that was supposed to be tongue-in-cheek.

    And I do not see why we need to revisit history. Yes Aurangzeb can be accused of several wrongs. Was he responsible for the Jallianwallah Bagh massacre? Gujarat riots?

    Dr. Abul Kalam's vision will work if our leaders learn to act before expecting the dissenting voices to. Dissenters are not created out of thin air.

    Thank you for seeing/reading the book.


    Technically, Afzal has the right to ask to be shifted since he is on death row. But that would only result in mayhem that he himself does not want. If you like my theory then it will come apart if I let him be shifted!

    Again, glad you picked up a copy. Thanks....


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