Obama's Hanuman, Hillary's hanky, McCain's nickel

I don’t know how the US presidential candidate would have reacted to a headline like Barack Obama seeks Hanuman’s blessings in race for White House!

It is gratifying to know that it isn’t only the ‘underdeveloped’ or ‘developing’ countries that are mired in superstition. Here is a list of the luck liaisons the various Amercian candidates carry or wear and my attempt to deconstruct what they could possibly mean:

Barack Obama

The bracelet belonging to an American soldier deployed in Iraq = I support the war in Iraq and this is at least in part my version of patriotism.

Gambler’s lucky chit = Trying to convey that he will take big risks based on past wins; nothing new.

Tiny monkey god (said to be Hanuman) = Will be a loyalist to those he considers his own, believes in saving a woman’s honour and is to be trusted; would have worked better as second-in-command.

Madonna and child = Besides religious connotations, might be a moralist, and believes that the baby and bathwater are a woman’s domain. The male is only a part of an immaculate conception.

John McCain

A lucky penny = Every penny counts, so prudent in terms of wealth management.

A lucky nickel = No macro outlook; it is the economy, stupid.

A lucky sweater = Likes things to be close to him; believes in staying warm and prefers to stick to things that have already been knitted. He won’t run after wool balls.

A lucky hotel room in New Hampshire = Would visit new things and places only if there is an assurance of steadfastness and familiarity.

Hillary Clinton (tends to keep things others have given her - no, not a stained dress)

A lucky coin = heads or tails, she don’t know.

A lucky handkerchief that a woman in Texas gave to her that she sometimes keeps in her pocket = No tissues needed for those well-timed tears.

A lucky bracelet = Conveying femininity; would be hands-on but with embellishment.


  1. if only Obama had prayed to the islamic god,allah,then FV would not have used the word 'superstition'....

  2. I wanted to say something smart and something funny and something funny and smart - like "if religion is the opium then superstition is ganja for the feeble mind" I figured Bob Marley will not appreciate the reference, and I remembered Marquis de Sade "It is opium you feed your people" said he with his eyes crossed and pointed finger, then I read Rausseau

    "I think we cannot too strongly attack superstition, which is the disturber of society; nor too highly respect genuine religion, which is the support of it "

    It's all there so thank you FV for making us think (and not thinking for us).

  3. Anon:

    Thank you for the 'thoughtful' thought that I did not think for you and made you think for yourself, which made you think of Marley, Marquis de Sade and Rousseau and opium and ganja and the thought that it isn't just the thought that counts because you have to keep thinking.

    Given my culinary skills I cannot even say food for thought, eh?

    - - -
    In this whole post which talked about bracelets and pretty things as superstitions, some people only notice Hanuman. I wonder if Allah wore something would Allah be superstitious?


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