Nazia Hasan or Begum Akhtar - who is a legend?

Does a tragic and untimely death make a person a legend? Why do we use words so carelessly? I clearly recall Nazia Hassan and her voice. She died young and it is truly nice to know that her parents have set up a foundation in her memory to promote causes that were dear to her. In the report she is referred to as a “singing legend”.

She had a fan following and was most certainly talented, but we need to keep in mind that beyond the skills, she did not reach the core of hearts. Perhaps it was the songs – they were more of the Boom Boom variety…but like any pop diva her shelf life would have been restricted. Death unfortunately has catapulted her into a hall of fame.

Here she is in a mellower mood:

Sun, mere mehboob sun - Nazia Hassan

Comparisons, as everyone tells us, are odious. So, I shall refrain. But if you want legend, then watch this:

Aaye kuchch abr kuchch charaag aaye -
Begum Akhtar


  1. Remind me comments made by Lauren Bacall about Nicole Kidman. No offense but Nazia Hasan vs Begum Akhtar makes me laugh. Anyways, I believe simply the ghazal “aey mohabat tere anjam” makes Begum Akhtar inimitable.



  2. FV:

    If Nazia Hassan is a “singing legend”, then I am the next best intellectual after Plato.

    Legend, my foot! Crappy, frothy stuff that we listened to when we were in half-pants to feel very modern and westernised. I can't dare to revisit and listen to them again, not for good old times sake... They sound so puerile and jejune.

    On legends and classics whic leave their imprints on the memory... I don't know the singer but a few years before Nazia, there was a film in the 70s called Daku, featuring Kabir Bedi. It had a song called Kabhi gham se dil lagaya... We listened a lot to that song on the LP record player and it continues to haunt me till today.

    If I can get a link to that song, it would revive some great memories from my childhood.

  3. Farhan:

    I was in no way comparing...just questioning how carelessly we use the term 'legend'. I could not find 'Ae mohabbat...". Among my other favourites is "Kabhi hum mein tum mein qaraar tha..."


    Just a minute...I am before you in line for Plato...

    Now, let me take you back to your childhood (and I accept the thanks)

    Kabhi gham se dil lagaya...singer Narendra Chanchal:


  4. Links for "aey mohabat tere anjam"

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05ceV7swasA and




  5. Mirza Ghalib07/06/2008, 05:06

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  6. Thank you Farhan...hope to have a nice Saurday/Sunday now

  7. i want to say something about nazia hasan.well i was only seven years old when the great legend nazia hasan died and then my aunt made me listen all her songs again.i was surprised how i remembered the tunes and her videos after all those years!!!i fell in love with her this summer.she revolutionized the pakistani music industry.lets be optimistic and appreciate great people like nazia.her death didnt made her a legend..her talent did, her deeds did.she didnt copy any western singer!!she was herself!!her songs are classical.i cant get them out of my head!nazia hassan you are my hero and always will be.there are plenty of people who will always admire you.you wont be forgotten!!!never!!


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