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There is a stupid ad being aired these days for Surf washing powder.

The scene is a wedding. A white kid is eating like the rest with his hands from a banana leaf, balling the rice and then wiping his hands on his white kurta. His parents arrive and look shocked. The South Indian lady sitting next him convinces them, “Indian eating with hand, washing with hand…”

But even Indian kids do not go spreading the curry with those hands on their clothes. I find it demeaning. One, it is targeting a community, two, a country. If foreign kids are so adept at using cutlery, then they would have the sense not to rub their hands on clothes. But do not forget that firang kids – and adults – do not remove their shoes and place their shod feet on tables and sofas without a care.

So stop making us look stupid. This ad is an Indian one for an Indian product. Whoever is in charge of it must be given some lessons as to how to respect ourselves. If we don’t, then no one will.

We only seem to complain about sexually explicit or regressive ads. What is more regressive than to make a society look like something from the back of beyond? You want to treat the guest like god, at least don’t make us look like buffoons.

- - -

Actor Sanjay Dutt wants to enter politics, contest elections...

From the constituency that his father represented; his sister Priya won from there the last time. Priya had been involved with their father Sunil Dutt’s official work and did accompany him on his padayatras. Is that qualification enough? In politics, it would seem so. However, at least she had some convictions and that came through.

Sanjay Dutt, irrespective of his innocence or otherwise in the bomb blasts case, still has to appear in court. One would say there are countless criminals who contest elections. They do. They are big-time guys who are there because they are the mai-baap of several people, much as we’d like to deny it. Sanjay should stay out of this.

I am surprised he wants to jump in now. His reason? “My father has done social work all his life. Why shouldn’t I too do the same as a social servant? Why should I be deprived of an opportunity?’’

The problem is that most ‘servants’ in power end up becoming the bosses. And philanthropy, for which both his parents were known, does not need a political designation.

He has said that the Congress would give both his sister and him tickets. By now the Samajwadi Party has already offered him one. I won’t be surprised if the Shiv Sena does so too. After all, Bal Thackeray did call him a good boy or some such thing.

Isn’t it time these laat sahibs just stopped behaving like constituencies in a democracy are their baap ki jaagir?

PS: Even Bakhtawar Bhutto-Zardari (or however she writes her name) wants to carry forward her mother’s good work; she said so from Dubai.

- - -

Have been inundated with promos of the new game show Dus Ka Dum with Salman Khan as host.

It is looking absolutely disgusting. I know that teasers tend to use sensational shots, but questions about suhaag raat don’t quite wash. Then Salman is coming up with crudities like “Maa ka doodh piya hai…aur jo baap ka doodh..” He also performs that vulgar dance with the dupatta between the legs.

I had been critical of Shahrukh Khan’s Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain? I have subsequently watched a few episodes and I must say that he has kept it on an even keel. There is ad-libbing, but I suppose nothing works these days without it.

This is not a comparison just yet. But I felt I must revisit my words and since my opinion has altered a bit convey so.

- - -

End note: Inmates at a Queensland prison in Australia have been using condoms to flavour milk.


  1. Hi FV

    Loved your blog on SRK and Paanchvi Pass. Wanted to share a couple of sites which I'd discovered recently that have helped me track my fav TV. Lemme know wha you think of http://www.zipazap.com

    Ta ta

  2. FV:

    Do these news items and their protagonists provoke you to write about them. Agreed with the Surf viewpoint, but why give Salman and Sanjay more coverage.

    IMHO that these idiots need to be ignored. Aapne duniya kaa theka to naheen leh rakha hai, kyoon?

  3. Babloo:



    Theka nahin le rakha hai duniya ka magar khoon khaulta hai...and if Sanjay contests it will be from my constituency...one has fond memories of his father.


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