Why the yankees must stay away from India - huh?

So after terrorist attacks and epidemics, the United States of Xenophobia has found one more warning for its citizens visiting our shores.
This time around it’s the monsoon in Mumbai and the BMC’s handling of it that have got Uncle Sam worked up.

A warning issued on Monday and posted on the website of the US consulate in Mumbai tells its citizens that the “monsoon has arrived in western India and Mumbai is experiencing the season’s storms’’. They are also reminded of the 26/7 (2005) deluge and told that it had led to a “heavy loss of life’’.

Why don’t they just stay at home? Does any country issue warnings against visiting the US due to cyclones and earthquakes and the possibility of some Arab flying planes into its most famous sites?

They are talking about open manholes…crib, crib…

How many people die in car accidents in the US?

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And now we have the pretty Omar Abdullah suggesting that the government of India and the state government should work with some insurance companies to provide a cover to those foreign tourists who visit J&K.

What about Indian tourists? He mentions “some of the high-spending foreign tourists to return to Kashmir”. Not many are; most are backpackers. And Indian tourists have been travelling for some years now.

The government must indeed take care of the economy, but then it should see to it that the locals have jobs. Not everyone owns a shikara or weaves carpets.

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And while we are on Kashmir, this is what a friend from the media in Srinagar wrote to me about the Afzal Guru post below:

Wonderful piece! Am trying to gather courage to reproduce it. It may invite death sentence for me by likes of Geelani, but I will try to use.

This is a Kashmiri and he is afraid of writing about someone who thinks he will be a Kashmiri shaheed. And who is he afraid of? Another Kashmiri who thinks he is a potential shaheed. And lollypop Omar can only think about the goras and their dollahs. What a pathetic state.


  1. Interestingly, in today's paper some woman from UK(?)made a comment like: Indians throw waste out of the window and have no regard for cleanliness of public places.

    Umm, what you say is all right. But the Xenophobes aren't completely wrong about warning their people of open manholes. It's not like the problem doesn't exist and if they want to ask their people to watch out, I don't see anything wrong about that.

    "Why don’t they just stay at home? Does any country issue warnings against visiting the US due to cyclones and earthquakes and the possibility of some Arab flying planes into its most famous sites?"
    C'mon! That's not a valid argument.

    (LOL. They are so paranoid!)

  2. Hello? You think manholes are more dangerous than those other things?

    We have had monsoons every year, manholes are there, sop why this sudden fear?

  3. it's like that Government Guy who was quoted in the newspaper in that article. He mentioned some statistics saying only a certain number from a big figure die due to open manholes. LOL. So is that supposed to make it all right? "Sir aaj do log tapak gaye gatar mein" "Theek hai Ramu, subah subah fuzul ki baatein mat karo, pankha chalu kardo. waise bhi bohot time se koi gira nahi tha"

    The cyclones and all that stuff you mentioned aren't really in their control, are they? (Unless you are one of those conspiracy theorists who think earthquakes and other natural calamities are the work of CIA or some stupid secret agency).
    Abhi, yeh manholes ko cover karna yah jab usko khol diye hai to proper marking lagana, yeh to hum kar hi sakte hai.

    The way I see it, open manholes kill, cyclones and planes flying into buildings also kill.
    But I guess, apna apna nazariya hota hai.


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