Different angles - 1

I have got a whole bunch of these photographs taken from a certain angle. Amazing, isn't it, how things seen from one side give a different image, thought, idea?

That is why it is said, "Aankhein bhi dhoka kha saktee hai".

The eyes too can be deceived. And here I thought it was only the heart.
- - -

PS: These have come in the mail; no photographer mentioned.


  1. FV:

    This is a very common trick photograph at Taj Mahal-- holding the top of the monument as if your holding an apple by its stem :-)

  2. Aankhen dhoka nahi kha sakti, nazar per shak hai -- it lies in the eyes of the beholder.......... kya khyal hai janab ka?

  3. PS:

    Watch some of the others I put up...

    Mohamed Taher:

    ..and the beholder has eyes and the eyes send signals to the brain, which get transmitted as vision...ergo aankhein dhokha kha sakti hai.


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