Omar's orgasm

I have not spoken as an "authentic" Indian Muslim voice, but my post on Omar Abdullah has got a lot of people angry.

So I watched him on NDTV's Walk the Talk show last night.

He is speaking with a forked tongue. Did he not say something about his conscience post-Gujarat? Okay, here is is talking about how he admires Vajpayee...the same man who as prime minister did precious little and kept quiet and took up for Modi in Gujarat.

All these guys are now gushing about Omar's role in national politics. He is smiling like a cat that has licked all the cream and looks doodh ka dhula hua. Let him milk the issue dry.

Have fun. As he did in his "3-minute" orgasmic speech.
- - -

Note: For those interested, a longish extract (an encounter with the poet Ahmed Faraz) from my book is in Dawn as well as uploaded on A Journey Interrupted blog.


  1. Hey Farzana its been a while since I visited your blog. Dropped in to say congratulations on the book.

  2. Hi Subroto:

    Thank you. And good to see you. For a moment I thought it was the reference to 'Karim's' that lured you...

  3. FV:

    Nice to see the extract on Ahmed Faraz. Pleased to see more coverage for the book. Ir deserves even more oxygen.

  4. PS:

    To be honest, coverage results in visibility...but the end buyer will go by word of mouth opinion...I am doing a couple of things, but not playing ball for most.


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