I want you there!

There is a reading of my book A Journey Interrupted followed by a debate moderated by film-maker Mahesh Bhatt and academician/Indo-Pak activist Ritu Dewan.

Day: Friday July 4

Time: 7 PM

Venue: Oxford Bookstore,

Apeejay House, 3 Dinsha Vachha Road,

Churchgate, Mumbai 400 020


I would like a healthy discussion about unhealthy issues surrounding the Indian Muslim question vis a vis Pakistan, so all are invited...and those who spend some time here and are in Mumbai, please treat this as a special personal invitation.

Those who wish to come with brickbats, carry your swords with care. My shield can be quite disarming…

- - -

And yes, I am quite thrilled to get a letter from the well-known artist Satish Gujral, who called up my publishers to get my email address. Here is a part of the note, with his permission:

Dear Farzana Versey,

I have read your book “A Journey interrupted”.

I am an artist, born in what later became Pakistan.

My father was one of the only two Hindu members of First Pakistan Parliament when ti was constituted on August 14th 1947. In this capacity he was much involved in evacuating people and recovering abducted women, for more then six months after partition, and I was with him all along. I had personally witnessed the type of episodes you mentioned while reviewing film “Gadar”.

Needless to say that I was much impressed by your writing style and the way you handled the topic which is part of my life as well.


  1. "Those who wish to come with brickbats, carry your swords with care. My shield can be quite disarming…"

    What? No advice to bring their own anchors?

  2. FV:

    Please put the schedule for other cities as well.

    All the best for the discussion. I hope the rains stay away.

  3. Shit. I still have to get the book. Is it available in Crosswords? I am assuming since the discussion thing is happening at Oxford, it must be available there.

  4. There'd be one person with a copy in lap, sitting in the back row, waiting patiently for the autograph. So you better come armed with a felt tip - perhaps there won't be any bricks nor swords nor need for a shield.

  5. Joker Mahesh Bhatt will scratch his body all over and blow hot air about how Hindu India is all evil and the Pakistanis are all so nice.It's just that they are afraid of the big,bad,bully neighbour India that they send a few jehadis to kill the evil Hindus.Bhat and Dewan will form a stupid mutual admiration society and closet jehadis will laugh all the way to the bank..shame

  6. Zeemax:

    You mean armours? Why are you asking them to bring anchors...yahaan ghar thodi basaana hai...


    Other cities? I would like to do one at the LOC, if that term is still used...


    How many times did you ask about the book? Hahn? Of course, it is available...and it would be nice to have young voices among us aunty/uncle types.


    Raise your voice so I can hear you.
    The shield I talk about is in fact not for defence..just a charming embellishment.


    Thanks for the good wishes, as always.

  7. Gosh, I am so mad I didn't see this post in time. I would have loved to be at the book launch. I visit your blog once a fortnight or so and read all the stuff but have never posted any comments, till today. Maybe some other time...

  8. Hello NtW:

    I must admit the once a fortnight thing had me smiling. It is almost like a regimented task!

    Does it mean you will visit here next on July 24?

    Hmm...maybe some other time. Thanks for reading the stuff around here, anyway.


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