I have promised to put up some things about the book, the launch etc, and it hasn't happened. Mainly because post-launch other things have come up.

I do not wish to reduce anyone's attempts at wanting to write about me; having been in the profession I know all about the stuff, or at least most of it.

Now, I read an interesting piece about book launches and while mine was given the thumbs up and the book was called a "tremendous and gutsy effort", I cannot imagine myself responding to a query like:

"But why did she choose Pakistan as her subject? For that reason, why are all so-called secular Muslims in India still obsessed with our cousins across the border?"

with a reply like this:

"Only because Pakistan is our neighbour and Pakistanis are our brothers and sisters."

The neighbour bit had a context, as to why we cannot explore that area, but brothers and sisters? Do I sound like I would use such a phrase that seems straight out of our old textbooks?

Anyway, it had me chuckling.

And if you want more chuckles at my expense, go to the Journey Interrupted blog for a slide show!


  1. It was enjoyable and I liked the format and captions.Wish I was in Bombay to attend.

  2. ...it had me chuckling.

    Laughing at your own expense, that's a great trait to possess.

    Could we have the link please? Yes, the slide show is nice. As some commenter said recently, you will never go beyond popular hindi phillum songs and even more weather beaten shers. Not that one minds it because anything above it would go straight over my head... into the wide, open universe.

  3. KB:

    I think you would have liked the debate.


    I think it is a bit patronising to say one will not go beyond something and depend on what an anonymous commentator says, and also to ignore my response to that comment.

    Having said that, I enjoy those songs and shairs, and many are written by our great poets.

    No link. I got a snapshot cutting.

  4. You're pretty-come to Lahore some day ;)

  5. FV:

    I think it is a bit patronising to say...

    Maybe, even more than a bit... but I was quoting the anonymous commenter and you ought not to be bristled so quickly by such comments :-) I did confess that "anything above it would go straight over my head..."

    I put up my white flag... aapse panga le ke humne zinda rehna hai ya naheen

    I absolutely adore your links on popular songs and shers. Not to mention that your own verse is so powerful.

  6. Mask:

    Only if you strip your mask...


    "I put up my white flag... aapse panga le ke humne zinda rehna hai ya naheen"

    Jaan kitni pyaari hoti hai logon ko :)

  7. Ok, but I warn you, it won't be much of a striptease!
    Take a look at this, by the way.

  8. Won't be necessary if you do an intellectual full monty.

    Shall watch your link later...

  9. I repeat, come to LaWhore one fine day.


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