Big-big Modi gets Nano...small-small

Everybody is a politician. Ratan Tata has now taken his small car to Gujarat. This will only buffer all those loud claims about the ‘progressive’ state. A state whose chief minister does not know how to treat his own people, has hundreds of homeless people and orphaned children, is now playing daddy to a four-wheeler.

The Tatas, who everyone spoke of as upright, clean and dignified (quite forgetting the battle for the top and the way Russi Mody was treated), have now proved that they are as opportunistic as anyone else. They are the ones who talk about work ethics; they have never been tainted for using power to get projects through.

Singur did not happen just like that. Mamta Banerjee’s protests may have to do with ulterior motives, but there is no reason for Ratan Tata to behave like a schoolboy and time the announcement with Modi’s seventh anniversary as CM (Chief Monster). In an even more childish move he said, “There is a bad M (Mamta) and a good M (Modi) and we have made the transition”. Oh, dear, so Harry Potterish. Incidentally, he did not make the transition; he was forced out of West Bengal.

Now, to make up for the reasons that were touted for that dumping, they are talking about how the area where the plant is located has many Muslims and there will be employment. Sure. Modi has been flaunting Gujarat’s progress for a few years; there are other industries. If Muslims qualify then they should have been given jobs there too. Why wait for a Tata when we know this is a tricky sop? The land belongs to the government. You can give jobs to your bureaucrats and police officer’s children. Who cares? Don’t drag Muslims into this and play the Gujarat ones against the Bengal ones. The two situations are different.

And the more important question is: How many Muslims does Modi have in his cabinet? How many do the Tatas have in executive positions?

You are now in a state where Khojas and Bohris, the educated class, lives. Let us see if they get positions of authority. Don’t give us this crap about how people from relief camps will get to become vendors at the car parks.

Enough of this.

The Nano is anyway a No-no…read my version of The World according to Nano.


  1. Good for Ratan Tata. This should teach the commies a lesson. Tata runs a business. If WB doesn't want a Tata plant, Gujrat will have to do.

  2. Just one thing- you haven't actually read Harry Potter, have you? Don't knock it till you've tried it!

  3. Taj hotel is leaving Gujarat so Tatas are in control. Let us see how fast Modi will go and why he is in hurry

  4. Arjun:

    If it is a business, then he should talk like a businessman...and there should be no commies or other labels.


    I did nto knowck it, sirf dastak di hai! Btw, I did watch HP and the Philosopher's Stone...


    Modi is in a hurry and the Taj thing is completely different and located in A'bad.

  5. Did RT call them commies? Nope..

    even if he did, what exactly is wrong about calling the government of the Communist Party of India commies?

  6. Please honey, the movies don't come close to the- well, the magic- of the books. Read 'em some day.


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