I want your baby…

says the VHP!

Calling all Hindus to raise the bar:

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad has decided to launch a campaign against family planning and will use a book to urge Hindus to ensure that they produce at least four male children — “two for the family and two for the Hindu cause”.

What happens to the female children? True, they have been asked to ‘Prepare’. Sounds frightening. Prepare for what? To produce these male children? And will the male children be differentiated based on what cause they will be espousing? Like family ones will get less protein and Hindu cause wallahs will get a better diet? What happens if any of them are attracted to the RSS, which espouses celibacy? What is the use of producing children who don’t want to produce children? How will the VHP ensure that only male children are born? Will there be some booklet giving tips to the faithful about when and how to conceive appropriately?

To spread its new strategy among the Hindu masses, the VHP will circulate a book Bharat mein Hindu Bahumat (Hindu majority in India).

I thought the Hindus were already in a majority. Instead of going to all this trouble why don’t they just conquer Nepal and be done with it? We can save on badaam doodh. You can’t keep milking the gau mata dry for your ulterior motives.

“It is a good move by the VHP, as the family planning system introduced in India by the Congress is anti-religious. Our religious books do not give permission to control births,” said Mahant Ram Kripal.

Very funny. These guys are also saying that family planning is a “Christian and Muslim strategy to make Hindus a minority in India”. Hello? Since when have Christians and Muslims taken over these laws? On the contrary, they have been accused until recently of not allowing FP, and priests and maulvis give the same ‘god says no to planning births’ line. Religious books say a lot of things – karam kar phal ki chinta mat kar…don’t worry about the fruits of your labour. Just do it. Yo, plug for Nike!

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You read books that

Win international awards - 2 (16%), Get negative reviews -1 (8%), Get flattering reviews - 2 (16%), You like the subject – 10 (83%), You have read the author before - 2 (16%), Books? I watch TV - 1 (8%)


  1. FV:

    Two for the family, two for the Hindu cause.

    Will the Hindi cause pay for bringing the other two up?

    don’t worry about the fruits of your labour.

    which labour? One which the lady goes into or the one the male puts to get the women to get into?

    Never knew that Nike and Gita said the same things. Some "psychopathic" intelligence at work here ;-)

  2. I am not sure why Hindus are scared of numbers .....lets look at some facts , Israel is one example, small yet powerful,it is the strategy which counts and not the numbers , otherwise Indonesia would have been the strongest Muslim Nation.....when the Mugal Rulers ruled India ...even then Hindus survived, when they couldnt wipe out a religion being in power without a consitution, how can they do it now....christians ..well lets look at their internal differences, there are huge number of churches which are at loggerheads with each other ....btw ...they happily forget christians who fall for hare krishna and Asa Ram daakus..even within hinduism ....can someone explain VHP that Biharis are also Hindus ..being chased away by nephew of a national (or antinational whichever way you prefer) hindu leader ...why produce more ...we have no space on roads ....at restaurants ....even in mobile phone specturm...we are facing jams ...House full....

  3. PS:

    Stop talking money when you refer to higher causes.

    Re. labour, aap bhi intelligent hai...mein Nike par haath rakh ke keh saktee hoon...
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    Anon (at least type your name, Manish):

    It isn't about numbers at the core; there is just insecurity fed by self-serving people.

    Good points, though...
    - - -


    Same here.


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